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25771 SE Asia

Vocabulary for Unit 10

archipelago a set of closely grouped islands
Oceania the group of islands in the Pacific, including Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia.
high island Pacific islands created by volcanoes
low island Pcaific Ilands made of coral reefs
Great Barrier Reef a 1,250-mile chain of more than 2, 500 reefs and islands along Australia's northeast coast, containing some 400 species of coral
outback the dry, unpopulated inland region of Australia
voyaging canoe a large ship developed by Pacific Islanders to sail the ocean
outrigger canoe a small ship used in the lagoons of islands where Pacific Islanders settled
atoll a ringlike coral island or string of small islands surrounding a lagoon
Bikini Atoll the isolated reef, located in the Marshall Islands of the Central Pacific that was the site of U.S. nuclear bomb tests, consequently contaminating the atoll with high levels of radiation and driving its inhabitants away
mandala a state organized as a ring of power around a central court, which often changed in size over time, and which was used intead of borders in early southeast Asian states
Khmer Emoire a powerful empire that lasted roughly from the 9th to 15th centuries in what is now Cambodia
Indochina a French colony comprised of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam; it won independence from France in 1954
Vietnam War the military conflict resulting from American involvemnt in South Vietnam to prevent its takeover by Communist North Vietnam
ASEAN the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, an alliance that promotes economic growth and peace in the region
Micronesia one of three regions in Oceania, meaning "tiny isalnds"
Melanesia a region in Oceania meaning "black islands"
Polynesia one of three regions in Oceania, meaning "many isloands"
subsistence activities an activity in which a family produces only the food, clothing, and shelter they themselves need
copra the dried meat of coconuts
taro a tropical Asian with a starchy root, which can be eaten as a boiled vegetable or made into breads, puddings, or a paste called poi
penal colony a place to send prisoners
Aboriginal people poeple who migrated to Australia from Asia at least 40,000 yearsd again; the original settlers of the island
Maori the first settlers of New Zealand, who had migrated from Polynesia more than 1,000 years ago
Treaty of Waitangi a treaty signed by the British and Maori in 1840 giving British control over New Zealand
pakeha a Maori term for white people, for the New Zealand of European descent
assimilation a process whereby a minority group gradually gives up its own culture and adopts the culture of a majority group
Stolen Generation in Australia, what aboriginal people today call the 100,000 mixed race children who were taken by the government and given to white families to promote assimilation
Land rights Act of 1976 a special law passed for aboriginal people in australia givning the Aboriginal people the righ tto claim land in the Northern Territory
Mabo Case in Australia, the law case that upheld aboriginal Eddie, Mabo's land claim by which the court recongnized that Aboriginal people had owned land before the British arrived
pastoral leases in Australia, a huge chunk of land still owned by the government; ranchers take out leases, renting the land from government
Wik Case in Australia, the court ruled in this case that Aborginal people could claim land held under a pastoral lease
industrialization the growth of industry in a country or a society
push-pull factors a factor that cuses people to leave their homes and move to a new location or draws people to move to a location
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