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bhswg- concepts #5

BHSWG- Government systems

The leadership and institutions that make policy decisions for a country GOVERNMENT
Invisible lines that mark the extent of a state's territory and the control that its leaders have BOUNDARIES
The collection of political beliefs, values, practices, and institutions that a government is based on POLITICAL CULTURE
The smallest countries of the world made up of just a few square miles (ex. Liechtenstein, Andorra, San Marino) MICROSTATES
Completely surrounded by land, lacking ocean frontage LANDLOCKED
The desire for self-rule NATIONALISM
The ability of the state/nation to carry out actions or policies within its borders independently from interference from the inside or outside SOVEREIGNTY
People without a state (ex. Kurds or Palestinians) STATELESS NATIONS
When no other city comes close to rivaling the capital city in terms of size or influence, the capital city is referred to as a _________________ PRIMATE CITY
Continuous urban strip; a super city made up of several large and small cities (ex. Boston to Washington DC) MEGALOPOLIS
Dependent areas, under the sovereignty of a foreign nation, that are usually exploited for their natural resources as well as providing a new marketplace for the goods produced by those foreign countries to be sold COLONIES
Empire building (ex. European countries colonizing areas around the globe) IMPERIALISM
Government system that divides power between the central government and the local/state governments FEDERAL SYSTEM
A government system that concentrates all policymaking powers in one central geographic place UNITARY SYSTEM
Cooperating groups of nations that operate on either a regional or international level for a common goal or purpose (ex. European Union) SUPRANATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS
Type of government system where the ruler inherits power through a royal family. When the monarch dies, the power is given to the next child or relative in line to rule MONARCHY
Monarchs usually claim this as their right to rule- that their power is given by the will of God DIVINE RIGHT
A monarchy with an elected group of representatives, usually called a Parliament (ex. United Kingdom) CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY
A democratic government system where citizens elect politicians to rule, with limited terms, on their behalf. (ex USA) REPUBLIC
A democratic system of government where citizens directly participate in the law-making assembly and functions of the government (ex Athens) DIRECT DEMOCRACY
A government system in which a single person or small group exercises complete power over others DICTATORSHIP
A government system that controls every aspect of the individual's life (ex. former Soviet Union) TOTALITARIAN SYSTEMS
Similar to a state, a group of people that is bound together by a common political identity NATION
The reasons that a person may move to or away from a place PUSH PULL FACTORS
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