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Chou Laoshi

CL L19 Health and Medicine (vocab 3: CH EN )

舒服 comfortable, well
严重 severe; serious
厉害 severely, very much
非常 very much
many; much
认真 serious; conscientious
原来 it turned out that…, apparently
刚刚 just now
其他 others
怎么了 what happened, what's wrong
all, both
好好 very well
地 (attached to an adjective to transform the whole unit into an adverb when preceding a verb; describes manner of the verb)
慢慢地 slowly
说得很对 (whatever you said) is correct.
所以 therefore, consequently
还没;还没有;还没有呢 not yet
together; with
每门课 every class in school
measure word for classes
然后 t then
最后 last (thing);at the end
没有时间 do not have the time to…
这几天 these few days
这两天 these two days
前几天 a few days ago
复习到很晚 to review till late in the night
一会儿…,一会儿… a little while …, a little while….
在家里 at home
多喝水,多睡觉 drink lots of water, sleep a lot
Created by: wchou1
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