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Chou Laoshi

CL L19 Health and Medicine (vocab 2: CH EN )

发动 to start; to launch
发疯 go mad or crazy; become insane,
发给 to issue; to distribute
发话 to give orders,
发火 to catch fire, ignite; to get angry;lose temper
发毛 to get goosebumps
发明 to invent
发球 to serve the ball
发生 to happen
发现 to discover
发言人 speak person for a particular institute
发紫 the most popular (热门,走红)
to set fire to, to burn
烧饭 t to cook rice
烧包 (slang) get a swollen head because of one's wealth or power
烧酒 a hard liquid
烧烤 barbecue
烧鸡 roast chicken (BBQ chicken)
烧卖 steamed dumpling with the dough frilled at the top
烧香 to burn incense
烧心 upset the stomach;to have heartburn
饿 t to starve
好像 to be like, to seem
咳嗽 to cough
生病 to fall ill, to get sick
复习 to review
吃药 to take medicine
休息 to rest
准备 to prepare
to deliver, to escort, to see off
打针 to give or receive an injection
应该 should; need to
上课 to begin class
to borrow
看医生 to see a doctor
回去 to return
to live
告诉 to tell
睡一觉 to sleep
to buy
Created by: wchou1
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