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EOG TERMS 6th grade

idioms quiet as a mouse dictionary words and definitions <----- tone what the author wants you to feel happy,sad,mad,excited
onomatopeia sounds buzzzzzing bee mood what you feel as you read <3 from the heart <3 index terms and page numbers in the back of the book
theme lesson or main idea the boy thought he did not have any friends but he found out he had many evidence statements that back up the answers a way to prove answers opinion a statement that expresses feeling about something cramerton middle school is the best middle school in the country
personification giving human characteristics to anything not human the mouse told his friend to run when they saw the mouse conflict problem Brian had to live out in the wild,create shelter,find food,and make weapons almanac book of facts
simile uses like or as to compare main idea what the article or story is about katniss and Petta,s fight to win the Hunger Games point of view 1st person,2nd person,3rd person,how story is told i just told my little sister a story before she went to bed
alitteration the repeating of sounds susie sells seashells by the seashore details describes looks or feelings table of contents chapter and page numbersin the front of the book
atlas maps antonynms words that mean the opposite love : hate glossary terms and definitions located in back of the book
fact a statement that can be proved Obama is the president until November 2012 syoynms words that mean the same pretty : beautiful setting place or time of the story September,19th,2000
infer prediction answers are not clear forshadowing looking back in time plot what the story is about, events in order
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