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health 290 top down

Top Down Husband's position: king Leadership style : Lord Goal in mind: personal benefits Effects on marriage: winner/loser Model: traditional model
50/50 husband's position: partner Leadership style: leaderless Goal in mind:sameness/differences to maintain balance Model: identical model
side by side husband's position: head Leadership style: response/sacrifice goal in mind: onenenss effects on marriage: harmony, healthy, happy model: biblical model atmosphere: freedom
Core roles in biblical model Servant leader, servant lover
core concerns in biblical model learn what is important to one another
servant lover: wife/helper, nurturing, title only given to God and woman
servant leader Husband/head, honor, responsibility, protection, provider
Core responses biblical model empower you mate's role
wife, empowering does not mean... submission is demanded but should be a gift from the wife. Does not enable wrongdoing but cultivates right-doing
Husband needs to... show appreciation and realize that she is loved, honor and praise
comptetiont losing heart for both parties
core concerns biblical model- meet your mate's deepest needs
wife gives to the husband: Companionship, admiration, support, physical response
Husband gives to the wife: Companionship, security, significance, emotional response
Why do it the biblical way? The world has tried to recreate this and has caused devastation (40% of homes are without father)
This way positions the man... and woman for what they do best
Rather than compete they... compliment one another
The strength of a nation derives from... the integrity of the home-Confucious
Creates an environment that is best for the healthy development of children
Honors God's word and... prospers and advances society as a whole
approximately what percentage of face to face communication is non-verbal? 65%
challenges in relationships time
successful friendships require commitment
characters of successful friendships companionship, respect, acceptance, help, trust, loyalty, mutuality, reciprocity
degrees of intimacy: liking intimacy only
deg. infatuation passion only
deg. romantic intimacy and passin
deg fatuous passion and commitment
deg Empty commitment
deg companionate intimacy and commitment
deg consumate intimacy, commitment, passion
Mainstream smoke comes from smokers, side stream smoke comes from cigarette
Reinforcement the behavior produces a pleasureable state or releives a negative one
Deciding when to become a parent physical health and age, financial situation (8900 year) stability of relationship
Moather examine pre-existing health conditions ie age, lifestyle choices and change prescriptive drugs
All major organs are formed by 5 weeks
at .2% BAC you are unable to function
.35% BAC can be lethal
Created by: ok2bpure