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SCLY2 Social Class

SCLY2 Revision

Suggest 3 ways in which material deprivation may affect educational achievement Overcrowding// Higher levels sickness// fewer educational books and toys// Can’t support children in education after 16// Less access to nurseries//
Define Cultural Capital Refers to the skills, knowledge and values that middle class parents have that give their children an advantage in education
Define labelling Judging an individual based on superficial (shallow) characteristics such as skin colour or the clothes they wear
Suggest three ways in which children may suffer cultural deprivation Immediate gratification// resricted speach code// parents can't help with homework// lack of literacy skills before school
Suggest 3 examples of compensatory education Education Maintainence Allowance// Extra english lessons for non english speakers// Girls Into Science
Suggest two criticisms of Cultural Deprivation Theory It 'blames the victims' (working class parents are victims of an unequal society)// It is deterministic// difficult to isolate it from material deprivation
According to Paul Willis, why did the lads join a counter school culture? Because they wanted to go into working jobs - they didn't se the point of education, thus they just 'made the best of a bad situation' and messed around when in school
According to Marxists, why do the working classes underachieve in education compared to the middle classes? Because schools are middle class institutions, run by the middle classes and for the middle classes - inequality means working class kids will always do worse.
how could you bring 'Vocational Education' into an essay on social class and education Marxists argue Vocational Education such as BTECs have a lower status that classic A levels. It is mainly working class children who do Vocational Education.
Explain what is meant by 'selection by mortgage' It is where wealthier parents have more effective choice of school because they are able to move into those areas with better schools where the houses cost more.
Explain what is meant by the term 'Independent School' An independent school is a private school - funded by fees paid by parents rather than the state
Suggest 3 ways in which material deprivation may affect educational achievement More likely to have parttime jobs// Schools have less resources// Selection by mortgage// No private tutors
What is the difference between the elaborated speach code and the restricted speach code? Elaborated = more vocabulary, more complex grammar and vice versa for restricted
What Did Leon Fenstein discover about the relationship between income and educational achievement That low income starts to affect children from a very young age - poorer kids are already well behind richer kids in their reading ability before they start primary school
What did Dianna Reay discover about cultural capital and education? That it is middle class mothers who 'make the difference' by getting more invovled with school life and talking more to their children about school than working class mums
What is meant by the term 'deferred gratification' It is where you put off enjoyment or earning income in the present in order to earn more money, or gain more in the longer term. Sacrifcing now to invest for your future.
Suggest three in school factors that might account for differential educational by social class Labelling - the ideal pupil and the self fulfilling prophecy// more likely to join counter school cultures/// more likely to be put in lower sets
Define material deprivation Lacking sufficient resources or money to achieve in education
Define Cultural Deprivation Lack of appropirate values that enable an indiivudal to be successful in education
Created by: realsociology
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