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BIT Chinese Level B2

BIT Chinese Level B, Part2, Boya, Kouyu, Tingli, Yuedu (Version 2.1 27/02/13)

community she4qu1 社区
keyboard jian4pan2 键盘
to advance, to conduct, underway, in progress jin4xing2 进行
pressure ya1li4 压力
post, announcement gong1gao4 公告
cause, origin, reason yuan2yin1 原因
partner (boy-,girlfriend), target, object dui4xiang4 对象
to seek a marriage partner, seeking a mate zhao3dui4xiang4 找对象
dear qin1ai4de 亲爱的
stupefied, stunned jing1dai1 惊呆
to name, to christen qi3ming2 起名
Year of birth: 1980, 81,... 1990, 91,... 80hou4 90hou4 80后 90后
mermaid mei3ren2yu2 美人鱼
popular, welcome shou4huan1ying2 受欢迎
to postpone, to put off, to defer tui1chi2 推迟
awesome li4hai 厉害
content, substance nei4rong2 内容
short, brief duan3
to set up, to do, to manage, to go about ban4 (ban4ge4xin4yong4ka3) 办 (办个信用卡)
tofu, bean curd dou4fu 豆腐
classifier: meals to stop, to pause dun4
inseparable, inevitably, linked to li2bukai1 离不开
stingy, petty xiao3qi4 小气
cost efficient hua2suan4 划算
prevent fang2zhi3 防止
stew dun4
braise hui4
open (one's eyes) zheng1
open (one's mouth) zhang1
pay in installments fen1qi1fu4kuan3 分期付款
consume ahead of schedule ti2qian2xiao1fei4 提前消费
to promote cu4jin4 促进
to hold sth, to carry to level sth with both hands duan1
colleague tong2shi4 同事
dinner table fan4zhuo1 饭桌
cannot bear the sign of, not used to (kan4bu)guan4 (看不)惯
to waste fei4
electricity dian4
otherwise yao4bu4 要不
to invite, to offer qing3
paid by the hour xiao3shi2gong1 小时工
have to zhi3hao3 只好
department store shang1chang3 商场
past guo4qu4 过去
reunion, te get together tuan2ju4 团聚
up to the present (yi4zhou1)lai2 (一周)来
to go fishing diao4
to cultivate, to nurture pei2yang3 培养
to use, to utilize li4yong4 利用
variety ge4zhong3 各种
exhibit, show zhan3lan3 展览
antiquity gu3dai4 古代
art yi4shu4 艺术
works zuo4pin3 作品
joyful, delighted tong4kuai 痛快
weekend (to take two days of) shuang1xui1ri4 双休日
to recall hui2yi4 回忆
to summarize zong3jie2 总结
for example, such as li4ru2 例如
piano gang1qin2 钢琴
letter receiver shou1xin4ren2 收信人
at once, quickly gan3kuai4 赶快
god shen2
philosophy zhe2xue2 哲学
map di4tu2 地图
pineapple bo1luo2 菠萝
medical science yi1xue2 医学
to cure zhi4
to reform, reform gai3ge2 改革
to found, to establish cheng2li4 成立
from now on, since then cong2ci3 从此
to become cheng2wei2 成为
equal, being, treated equally ping2deng3 平等
rich and strong fu4qiang2 富强
to rule, to govern tong3zhi4 统治
temporary lin2shi2 临时
president zong3tong3 总统
rule, regulation gui1ding4 规定
to prohibit, to ban jin4zhi3 禁止
population ren2kou3 人口
to cut (w/ scissors) jian3
plait, braid bian4zi 辫子
emperor huang2di4 皇帝
in those years, at that time dang1nian2 当年
county xian4
wish, desire, aspiration yuan4wang4 愿望
revolution ge2ming4 革命
to make (law, plan), to institute (rules) zhi4ding4 制定
vegetable shu1cai4 蔬菜
academic degree xue2wei4 学位
to obtain, to receive, to get huo4de2 获得
experiment, test, experimantal, to experiment shi2yan4 实验
to remember, to recall, memory ji4yi4 记忆
among, in, included qi2zhong1 其中
next, secondly qi2ci4 其次
theater hu4yuan 剧院
writing, written words xie3zuo4 写作
seasonal ji4jie2xing4 季节性
to be at the market shang4shi4 上市
disappointed, to lose hope shi1wang4 失望
pleased with, proud of oneself, complacent de2yi4 得意
so as not to, so as to avoid mian3de 免得
range, scope, limit, extend fan4wei2 范围
contradictory, contradiction, conflict, uncertain mao2dun4 矛盾
to happen, to occur, to break out fa1sheng1 发生
to pat, to clap, to slap pai1 (pai1zhuo1zi) 拍 (拍桌子)
to open (one's eyes) wide, to stare at, to glare at deng4
training class pei2xun4ban1 培训班
to interview, to gather news, to cover cai3fang3 采访
to spend money recklessly luan4hua1qian2 乱花钱
to disgust, fed up sheng1yan4 生厌
disgusting, nasty, to hate doing sth. tao3yan4 讨厌
tutorial class, preparatory course fu3dao3ban1 辅导班
prosperous, well-off fu4yu4 富裕
poor, impoverished pin2qiong2 贫穷
to make clear, to indicate, to make known biao3ming2 表明
limit, border xian4
average ping2jun1 平均
to take in, income, revenue shou1ru4 收入
to exceed, to climb over, to surpass yue4
element, factor yin1su4 因素
limited you3xian4 有限
small compartment (concert hall), KTV room bao1xiang1 包厢
melon seeds gua1zi3r 瓜子儿
to hide, to dodge, to avoid duo3
brow beaded with sweat, perspiring freely man3tou2da4han4 满头大汗
very late at night shen1ye4 深夜
famous, celebrated zhu4ming2 著名
table tennis ping1pang1qiu2 乒乓球
athlete yun4dong4yuan2 运动员
to hold (a meeting, ceremony, etc.) ju3xing2 举行
prize, trophy, title jin3biao1 锦标
victory sheng4li4 胜利
gold medal jin1pai2 金牌
silver medal yin2pai2 银牌
bronze medal tong2pai2 铜牌
Olympic Games ao4yun4hui1 奥运会
to conduct, to hold ju3ban4 举办
champion guan4jun1 冠军
the two of us zan2lia3 咱俩
regard as, to figure suan4
second place (in sports contest) ya4jun1 亚军
third place in a race ji4jun1 季军
group, organization, team tuan2ti3 团体
to defeat sb. shu1gei3 (A shu1gei3 B) 输给 (A输给B)
track and field tian2jing4 田径
ice skating liu1bing1 溜冰
figure skating hua1yang4hua2bing1 花样滑冰
synchronized swimming hua1yang4you2yong3 花样游泳
to shed tears liu2lei4 流泪
nice and cold liang2kuai 凉快
singles dan1da3 单打
finals, final match jue2sai4 决赛
to share (joy, happiness, benefit, etc.) fen1xiang3 分享
doubles shuang1da3 双打
sun, (electr. positive) yang2
sun tai4yang2 太阳
volleyball pai2qiu2 排球
feminism nv3quan2zhu3yi4 女权主义
Jean-Paul Sartre sa4te4 萨特
hell, infernal, underworld di4yu4 地狱
full-time job quan2zhi2 全职
female ci2
male xiong2
inexpensive, lowly jian4
sneaky, backstabber (one that only attacks from behind) ji1zei2 鸡贼
government zheng4fu3 政府
minister bu4zhang3 部长
to elect, election xuan3ju3 选举
political party zheng4dang3 政党
reconstruction, rebuilding chong2jian4 重建
to do, to make, to take care of gao3
way (of life), pattern, style fang1shi4 方式
to be convinced (that sth is true) xiang1xin4 相信
to sweat liu2han4 流汗
specialist, specialized zhuan1men2 专门
moon yue4liang 月亮
it'd be a wonder if...(this and this happens) cai2guai4 才怪
to enrich, rich, plentiful feng1fu4 丰富
paraglider hua2xiang2san3 滑翔伞
club ju4le4bu4 俱乐部
(begin to) develop, to unfold, to carry out kai1zhan3 开展
to rely mainly on wei2zhu3 为主
poem shi1
to intertwine, to band together, to link up jiu1jie2 纠结
to get over sth, to accept the situation and move on xiang3kai1 想开
to take care of, to show consideration zhao4gu 照顾
supervisor jian4
to monitor, to oversee jian1shi4 监视
supervisory tool jian1shi4qi4 监视器
witness testimony ren2zheng4 人证
material evidence wu4zheng4 物证
logic luo2ji 逻辑
to practice, to put into practice shi2jian4 实践
hardware ying4jian4 硬件
software ruan3jian4 软件
charge (a battery), go back to school for further study chong1dian4 充电
interrupt, disturb da3rao3 打扰
secondary specialized school zhong1zhuan1 中专
to improve, to raise, to increase ti2gao1 提高
various, various sorts and varieties ge4zhong3ge4yang4 各种各样
differ greatly qian1cha1wan4bie2 千差万别
hurdle race kua4lan2 跨栏
to train, to drill, training xun4lian4 训练
coach jiao4lian4 教练
classifier: events, meetings, elections, sporting fixtures jie4
entire country, nationwide quan2guo2 全国
to force one's way, to achieve by force, to seize (power) duo2de2 夺得
to break, to smash da3po4 打破
pride, arrogance, conceited, proud of sth. jiao1ao4 骄傲
excellent, extremely good chu1se4 出色
price, award, encouragement jiang3
optimum, optimal, peak zui4jia1 最佳
teacher-training, pedagogical shi1fan4 师范
to convene (a conference or a meeting), to call together zhao4kai1 召开
to expect, to look forward to qi1dai4 期待
genuine, true zhen1zheng4 真正
equal ping2deng3 平等
sofa sha1fa1 沙发
work (gan4)huo2 (干)活
to be angry, to be enraged qi4
to criticize pi1ping2 批评
to admit wrongdoing ren4cuo4 认错
from now on jin1hou4 今后
to show, behavior biao3xian4 表现
to present, speech yan3jiang3 演讲
to organize zu3zhi1 组织
complicated, complex fu4za2 复杂
distinguishing feature te4dian3 特点
draft, sketch gao3 稿
topic, subject hua4ti2 话题
economics jing1ji4 经济
to establish da3
at present, at the moment mu4qian2 目前
to exist, to be, existence cun2zai4 存在
existentialism cun2zai4zhu3yi4 存在主义
appearance, phenomenon xian4xiang4 现象
to marry (a man) jia4
to put, to arrange bai3
to mediate, to advise try to reconcile parties in a quarrel quan4
in love lian4ai4 恋爱
to be unemployed, to lose a job xia4gang3 下岗
reality xian4shi2 现实
glass bo1li 玻璃
dear qin1ai4de 亲爱的
but que4
paper zhi3
pen, pencil, to write on bi3
secretary mi4shu1 秘书
evidence, certificate zheng4ming2 证明
certificate of gratuation bi4ye4zheng4 毕业证
to develop, to expand fa1zhan3 发展
future outlook, prospects qian2tu2 前途
to increase, to add zeng1jia1 增加
factory gong1chang3 工厂
head of a factory chang3zhang3 厂长
to recruit, to enroll zhao1
to value, to treasure zhen1xi1 珍惜
to be in charge of fu4ze2 负责
ability ben3shi 本事
telephone fee, bill dian4hua4fei4 电话费
abroad, overseas guo2wai4 国外
to design she4ji4 设计
courage yong3qi4 勇气
wedding hun1li3 婚礼
wedding candy xi3tang2 喜糖
happy wedding xi3shi4 喜事
wedding wine xi3jiu3 喜酒
bride xin1niang2 新娘
groom xin1lang2 新郎
romantic lang4man4 浪漫
lover lian4ren2 恋人
day, days ri4zi 日子
banquet yan4hui4 宴会
person who presides over a wedding ceremony zhu3hun1ren2 主婚人
to raise (one's glass) ju3(bei1) 举(杯)
to salute, to make a courtesy call bai4
process, to experience jing1guo4 经过
to replenish, supplement bu3chong1 补充
to be in the same class tong2ban1 同班
at the beginning zui4chu1 最初
wonderful jing1cai3 精彩
harmonious and happy he2mei3 和美
many zhong4
old age bai2tou2 白头
over(hundred), more than shang4(bai2) 上(百)
new couple xin1ren2 新人
to take charge of, to manage zhu3chi2 主持
extensive, wide guang3fan4 广泛
inborn, innate tian1sheng1 天生
to occupy zhan4
fraction ...fen1zhi1... ...分之...
to stand for, to advocate zhu3zhang1 主张
must, imperative; simply fei1...bu4ke3 非...不可
to explain shuo1ming2 说明
to think highly of zhong4shi4 重视
false, lie jia3hua4 假话
above yi3shang4 以上
classifier: a set of tao4
to retire tui4xiu1 退休
to wish zhu4fu2 祝福
to celebrate qing4zhu4 庆祝
to divorce li2hun1 离婚
efficiency xiao4lv4 效率
satisfied, full bao3
blood xue4ye4 血液
stomach wei4bu4 胃部
brain nao3bu4 脑部
attention zhu4yi4li4 注意力
complete wan2zheng3 完整
dawn, morning zhao1
evening, dusk mu4
food shi2wu4 食物
chestnut li4zi 栗子
women's clothing nv3zhuang3 女装
machine ji1qi4 机器
why bother he2ku3 何苦
difference qu1bie2 区别
slightly shao1wei1 稍微
IQ zhi4shang1 智商
fat, obese fei2pang4 肥胖
excessive guo4fen4 过分
strong qiang2zhuang4 强壮
strong and handsome jian4mei3 健美
to kiss, kiss wen3
to break duan4
cannot endure, not to bear shou4buliao3 受不了
to leave, to say goodbye gao4ci2 告辞
lighter da3huo3ji1 打火机
specially te4yi4 特意
to run over, to crush ya4
fire engine jiu4huo3che1 救火车
electric torch shou3dian4tong3 手电筒
light beam guang1zhu4 光柱
cigarette xiang1yan1 香烟
to grow up cheng2nian2 成年
consumption xiao1fei4liang4 消费量
harm wei1hai4 危害
Anno Domini (A.D.) gong1yuan2 公元
only jin3
wife qi1zi 妻子
lover qing2ren2 情人
to pass away, to die qu4shi4 去世
temple miao4
according to gen1ju4 根据
empress huang2hou4 皇后
weak, meek ruan3ruo4 软弱
to control kong4zhi4 控制
fact shi2ji4 实际
in fact shi2ji4shang 实际上
as (boss, friend) zuo4wei2 作为
power, authority quan2li4 权力
tradition chuan2tong3 传统
woman fu4nv3 妇女
cruel can2ku4 残酷
heartless, ruthless wu2qing2 无情
to get rid of chu2
on purpose, intentionally gu4yi4 故意
to do, to manage nong4
to chop kan3
jar tan2zi 坛子
vinegar cu4
government official guan1
common pu3tong1 普通
common people lao3bai3xing4 老百姓
duck ya1(zi) 鸭(子)
parts of the country, other than where one is wai4di4 外地
to instant-boil shuan4
boiled water kai1shui3 开水
it is said that ju4shuo1 据说
be willing to ken3
restaurant jiu3jia1 酒家
eating place w/ lots of food stalls dai4pai2dang4 大排档
snack, nosh xiao3chi1 小吃
midnight ban4ye4 半夜
expense fei4yong4 费用
snake she2
cat mao1
wing chi4bang3 翅膀
cold, chilly han2leng3 寒冷
potato tu3dou4 土豆
Chinese cabbage bai2cai4 白菜
patience, to be patient nai4xin1 耐心
be in line with, according with fu2he2 符合
formal, official zheng4shi4 正式
proposal, to propose, suggestions, to suggest, recommendation, to recommend jian4yi4 建议
microphone, (telephone) receiver, handset hua4tong3 话筒
to catch, to obtain, to capture, to reap, to harvest huo4
theater, drama, play ruo4dian3 弱点
firm, resolute, determined jian1jue2 坚决
sweets, candy, sugar tang2
to remind, to call attention to ti2xing3 提醒
honor and glory, glorious guang1rong2 光荣
Africa, African fei1zhou1 非洲
Asia, Asian ya4zhou1 亚洲
science, scientific, scientific knowledge ke1xue2 科学
single person, bachelor guang1gun4r 光棍儿
passable, not too bad, to just get by, to compromise cou4he 凑合
honeymoon mi4yue4 蜜月
furniture jia1ju4 家具
room, apartment (3 room apartment) ju1shi4 (san1ju1shi4) 居室 (三居室)
gains and losses de2shi1 得失
pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages li4bi4 利弊
blind worship of foreign goods and ideas chong2yang2mei4wai4 崇洋媚外
get married on the spur of the moment shan3hun1 闪婚
to dye ran3
formal exchange of cups between bride and groom at a wedding jiao1bei1jiu3 交杯酒
aging population lao3ling2hua4 老龄化
humidity level shi1du4 湿度
UN, United Nations lian2he2guo2 联合国
to train, to cultivate pei2xun4 培训
imitation, to simulate mo2ni3 模拟
to leave out, an omission sheng3lve4 省略
to refuse, to decline ju4jue2 拒绝
widow gua3fu 寡妇
stagnant water si3shui3 死水
pure, clean and honest, to purify chun2jie2 纯洁
some, a certain mou3(ge) 某(个)
someone, a certain person mou3ren2 某人
original, originally ben3lai2 本来
client, customer ke4hu4 客户
personally qin1zi4 亲自
main, major zhu3yao4 主要
volume, part ji2
playing cards pai2 (da3pai2) 牌 (打牌)
Mahjong ma2jiang4 麻将
teacher jiao4shi1 教师
(for a teacher) prepare the lesson bei4ke4 备课
to look after (look after children) kan1 (kan1 hai2zi) 看 (看孩子)
sound, audiovisual, AV yin1xiang4 音像
study room shu1fang2 书房
(of the sun) to shine on, to dry in the sun, to sunbathe shai4
balcony yang2tai2 阳台
a tour guide dao3you2 导游
sitting room, living room ke4ting1 客厅
nature, natural, naturally zi4ran2 自然
cartoon movie dong4hua4pian1 动画片
Chinese stone lion shi2shi1zi 石狮子
work unit (one's workplace), unit (of measure) dan1wei4 单位
person of the same profession tong2hang2 同行
not quite, not good enough, a bit different cha4yi1dian3 差一点
to terrify, to scare sb. xia4sha3 吓傻
fool, sucker dai1zi 呆子
to daydream, lost in thought fa1dai1 发呆
white collar, business person bai2ling3 白领
gold collar, high level senior executive, high skilled worker jin1ling3 金领
Beijing Opera jing1ju4 京剧
a slice pian4
"home of respect for aged", nursing home jing4lao3yuan4 敬老院
cold blood cold blooded(animal) leng3xue4 冷血
killer sha1shou3 杀手
bone gu3
drum gu3
gradual, gradually jian4
to succeed, to satisfy sui4
intentional, deliberate, on purpose cheng2xin1 成心
look, complexion lian3si4 脸色
funny, ridiculous ke3xiao4 可笑
to hire staff from other places wai4pin4 外聘
retired worker engaged again in original work fan3pin4 返聘
special duty, assigned full time to a task zhuan1zhi2 专职
to promote, to advocate ti2chang4 提倡
convenience store bian4li4dian4 便利店
"Beijing vagabond", have no permanent residence in Beijing bei3piao1 北漂
population (number of households) registered permanent residence hu4kou3 户口
wages, pay gong1zi1 工资
to have more than one job, hold concurrent post, concurrent job, moonlighting jian1zhi2 兼职
(informal) husband lao3gong1 老公
classifier: batches, lots, military fights pi1
lad, young fellow, youngster xiao3huo3zi 小伙子
to drag, to pull la1
at one's side, on hand shen1bian1 身边
not to see, to have disappeared bu4jian4 不见
over and over again zai4san1(zai4si4) 再三(再四)
request qing3qiu2 请求
college entrance exam gao1kao3 高考
careless, sloppy ma3hu 马虎
not so bad, so-so ma3mahu1hu1 马马虎虎
nightmare e4meng4 噩梦
sleeping pill an1mian2yao4 安眠药
light sleep qian3shui4mian2 浅睡眠
phenomenon xian4xiang4 现象
to adjust, to regulate tiao2jie2 调节
to decrease xia4jiang4 下降
to assure bao3zhun3 保准
after all shuo1dao4di3 说到底
to prevent, to take precautions against yu4fang2 预防
to treat, to cure zhi4liao2 治疗
sneeze pen1ti4 喷嚏
to spread chuan2bo1 传播
virus bing4du2 病毒
to survive cun2huo2 存活
to infect, to be contagious chuan2ran3 传染
to rub rou2
medical skill yi1shu4 医术
gray (gray hair) hua1bai2 花白
white gown (worn by medical personnel) bai2da4gua4 白大褂
stethoscope ting1zhen3qi4 听诊器
to be particular about, particularity jiang3jiu 讲究
priority, order, one after another xian1hou4 先后
square fang1
to invite yao1qing3 邀请
to be seated ru4zuo4 入座
usually, often wang3wang3 往往
to call, to greet to look after, to take care of zhao1hu 招呼
course, process guo4cheng2 过程
area, region di4qu1 地区
make a fool of oneself nao4xia4hua 闹笑话
to suffer from insomnia shi1mian2 失眠
to value, to attach importance to sth zhong4shi4 重视
occasionally, once in a while ou3er3 偶尔
to cause by noise to wake chao3xing3 吵醒
to waste, to squander lang4fei4 浪费
donkey lv2
cruel, heartless hen3xin1 狠心
pitiful, poor ke3lian2 可怜
rope sheng2zi 绳子
to tie kun3
stick, rod gun4zi 棍子
a unit of length (1/30 meter) cun4
to sew feng2
underpants ku4cha3(r) 裤衩
farmer, peasant nong2min2 农民
to feed wei4
to inspect shi4cha2 视察
sea food hai3xian1 海鲜
gourmet's luck, enjoyment of good foods kou3fu2 口福
buffet zi4zhu4can1 自助餐
on diet, to lose weight jian3fei2 减肥
figure, statue shen1cai2 身材
friendly you3hao3 友好
to be a friend indeed, a true friend gou4peng2you 够朋友
to use shi3yong4 使用
knife dao1(zi) 刀(子)
spoon chi2
fork cha1(zi) 叉(子)
chopsticks kuai4zi 筷子
breakfast zao3can1 早餐
refrigerator, freezer, ice box bing1xiang1 冰箱
milk niu2nai3 牛奶
soybean milk dou4jiang1 豆浆
deep fried twisted dough sticks you2tiao2 油条
special flavor, local flavor feng1wei4 风味
reasonable he2li3 合理
capital shou3du1 首都
classifier: times, occurrences hui2
experience, to know from experience, come to understand, the understanding ti3hui4 体会
deep, profound shen1ke4 深刻
to reach justice gou4yi4 够义
benevolence and righteousness ren2yi4 仁义
silicon injection gui1jiao1 硅胶
"flat" woman tai4ping2 太平
"have material" on a woman you3liao4 有料
waist measurement yao1wei2 腰围
chest measurement xiong1wei2 胸围
curve, curved line qu1xian4 曲线
butt tun2bu4 臀部
all one's life, lifetime ben4zi 辈子
black hole (astronomy) hei1dong4 黑洞
place, site, location di4dian3 地点
to change into, to turn into bian4cheng2 变成
careful, attentive xi4xin1 细心
to use up guang1
expenditures, pay, expenses kai1zhi1 开支
boar gong1zhu1 公猪
to grow, to gain (weight) zhang3
to get panicky, to lose one's head huang1
sex appeal, eroticism xing4gan3 性感
walnut kernel he2tao ren(r) 核桃仁(儿)
cherry ying1tao2 樱桃
congee, rice gruel, boiled rice mi3zhou1 米粥
in a short while yi1xia4zi 一下子
elevator, escalator dian4ti1 电梯
delicious, savory xiang1pen1pen1 香喷喷
Wonton noodles hun2tun2 馄饨
legend, folklore, tradition, it is said..., they say that... chuan2shuo1 传说
auspicious, lucky, propitious ji4li4 吉利
to escape, to evade, to avoid toa2bi4 逃避
otherwise, or else yao4bu4ran2 要不然
limit, extreme boundary ji2xian4 极限
luxurious, extravagant, wasteful she1chi3 奢侈
round neck collar garment (T-Shirt, pullover) yuan2ling3shan1 圆领衫
flip over collar garment fan1ling3shan1 翻领衫
shirt, blouse chen4shan1 衬衫
don't want, don't like qian1wan4bie2 千万别
anxious and perplexed, uneasy and confused huang2huo4 惶惑
visibility neng2jian4du4 能见度
to grant the road feng1lu4 封路
to resemble, similar, like xiang1si4 相似
late, delayed, a little later wan3dian3 晚点
hatred, animosity, enmity chou2... 仇...
popularity, relations with people ren2yuan2 人缘
cause, reason, karma, fate yuan2
officials and businessmen, state enterprise guan1shang1 官商
silly, stupid yu2chun3 愚蠢
disgrace, shame, humiliation chi3ru3 耻辱
sultry, sultriness, stifling hot men1re4 闷热
a (married) couple fu1fu4 夫妇
to conserve, to preserve, to keep, to save (a file) bao3cun2 保存
to economize, to conserve (resources) jie2yue1 节约
to throw oneself at, to devote one's energies pu1
to bounce, to bounce back fan3tan2 反弹
meat dish hun1
meat and vegetables hun1su4 荤素
confused, distracted qi1hun1ba1su4 七荤八素
as one wishes, at will, voluntary sui2yi4 随意
truth, goodness, and beauty zhen1 shan4 mei3 真善美
careful, attentive xi4xin1 细心
to use up guang1
expenditures, pay, expenses kai1zhi1 开支
boar gong1zhu1 公猪
to grow, to gain (weight) zhang3
to get panicky, to lose one's head huang1
sex appeal, eroticism xing4gan3 性感
walnut kernel he2tao ren(r) 核桃仁(儿)
cherry ying1tao2 樱桃
congee, rice gruel, boiled rice mi3zhou1 米粥
in a short while, all of a sudden, all at once yi1xia4zi 一下子
elevator, escalator dian4ti1 电梯
delicious, savory xiang1pen1pen1 香喷喷
Wonton noodles hun2tun2 馄饨
legend, folklore, tradition chuan2shuo1 传说
auspicious, lucky, propitious ji4li4 吉利
to escape, to evade, to avoid toa2bi4 逃避
otherwise, or else yao4bu4ran2 要不然
limit, extreme boundary ji2xian4 极限
luxurious, extravagant, wasteful she1chi3 奢侈
round neck collar garment (T-Shirt, pullover) yuan2ling3shan1 圆领衫
flip over collar garment fan1ling3shan1 翻领衫
shirt, blouse chen4shan1 衬衫
don't want, don't like qian1wan4bie2 千万别
anxious and perplexed, uneasy and confused huang2huo4 惶惑
visibility neng2jian4du4 能见度
to grant the road feng1lu4 封路
to resemble, similar, like xiang1si4 相似
late, delayed, a little later wan3dian3 晚点
hatred, animosity, enmity chou2... 仇...
popularity, relations with people ren2yuan2 人缘
cause, reason, karma, fate yuan2
officials and businessmen, state enterprise guan1shang1 官商
silly, stupid yu2chun3 愚蠢
disgrace, shame, humiliation chi3ru3 耻辱
sultry, sultriness, stifling hot men1re4 闷热
a (married) couple fu1fu4 夫妇
ton conserve, to preserve, to keep, to save (a file) bao3cun2 保存
to economize, to conserve (resources) jie2yue1 节约
to throw oneself at, to devote one's energies pu1
to bounce, to bounce back fan3tan2 反弹
meat dish hun1
meat and vegetables hun1su4 荤素
confused, distracted qi1hun1ba1su4 七荤八素
as one wishes, at will, voluntary sui2yi4 随意
truth, goodness, and beauty zhen1 shan4 mei3 真善美
to go to wax your body qu4mao2ji4 去毛剂
formal dress zheng4zhuang1 正装
leisure dress xiu1xian2zhuang1 休闲装
calamitous duo1zai1duo1nan4 多灾多难
multi talented duo1cai2duo1yi4 多才多艺
very, extremely, to cause sb's death, to kill deyao4ming4 得要命
sashimi sheng1yu2pian4 生鱼片
sushi shou4si1 寿司
to love dearly, the pain of love xin1teng2 心疼
roll call, to mention sb. by name dian3ming2 点名
bamboo steamer (for buns, jiaozi, baozi,...) long2ti4 笼屉
tableware, dinner service can1ju4 餐具
star, big shot, celebrity, leading actor, slang: authority da4wan4 大腕
the Earth, planet di4qui2 地球
wetland shi1di4 湿地
rainforest yu3lin2 雨林
paradise, heaven tian1tang2 天堂
hell, infernal, underworld di4yu4 地狱
to create sth from nothing wu2zhong1sheng1you3 无中生有
pollution, contamination wu1ran3 污染
pollution level wu1ran3du4 污染度
herdsman mu4min2 牧民
judge pan4duan4 判断
to reason, to infer tui1li3 推理
topography, land form di4xing2 地形
to construct, to build jian4
winding, zigzag wan1wan1qu1qu1 弯弯曲曲
square fang1fang1zheng4zheng4 方方正正
obscure, unclear, fuzzy mo2hu 模糊
what one sees and hears, knowledge jian4wen2 见闻
kind he2ai3 和蔼
bold and unconstrained hao2fang4 豪放
friendly you3shan4 友善
strong, sturdy jie1shi 结实
generous kang1kai3 慷慨
generous da4fang 大方
almost, pretty close (to reality) ba1jiu3bu4li2shi2 八九不离十
(attitude, opinion etc.) equivocal, ambiguous mo2leng2liang3ke3 模棱两可
clear, obvious fen1ming2 分明
impoverished and backward place qiong2xiang1pi4rang3 穷乡僻壤
to cry loudly hao2tao2 号啕
taboo jin4ji4 禁忌
younger generation wan3bei4 晚辈
older generation, one's elders zhang3bei4 长辈
taboo ji4hui4 忌讳
in a row, in succession yi4lian2 一连
reach one's satiation point cheng1
impatient bu2nai4fan2 不耐烦
three sa1
sense of humor you1mo4gan3 幽默感
chaotic, messy luan4zao1zao1 乱糟糟
quiet jing4qiao1qiao1 静悄悄
classifier: smells gu3
by all means, absolutely qian1wan4 千万
earthquake di4zhen4 地震
classifier: level, grade, rank ji2
airplane ticket ji1piao4 机票
to return, to refund tui4 退
foundation, basic gen1ben3 根本
same as... gen1...shi4de 根...似的
truth zhen1hua4 真话
fog wu4
temporary zan4shi2 暂时
to take off (aircraft) qi3fei1 起飞
to fly fei1
passenger, traveler, tourist lv3ke4 旅客
electrical fan dian4shan4 电扇
thick hou4
thin bao2
to take off (clothes), to shed, to escape, to get awaz from tuo1
T-Shirt Txu4shan1 T恤衫
to extend yan2chang2 延长
to land jiang4luo4 降落
disaster zai1hai4 灾害
when you enter a village, follow the local customs ru4xiang1sui2su2 入乡随俗
to obey zun1shou3 遵守
local, at the place in question dang1di4 当地
otherwise, or else fou3ze2 否则
to greet wen1hou4 问候
to bow ju1gong1 鞠躬
Buddhism fo2jiao4 佛教
to combine, to join, to close he2
yet er2
WC, toilet ce4suo3 厕所
figure of Buddha fo2xiang4 佛像
to shake yao2
circle, loop quan1
to press, to push (horn), check or refer to an4(la3ba) 按(喇叭)
basin pen2
finger shou3zhi3 手指
chest xiong1
stomach wei4
qualified, competent, to be up to the task sheng4ren4 胜任
competency sheng4ren4neng2li4 胜任能力
entail strenuous effort, to be a strain chi1li4 吃力
to shake one's head yao2tou2 摇头
to look after sth (this) and miss sth else (that) gu4ci3shi1bi3 顾此失彼
lightning speed, amazingly rapid, incredible pace of development shen2su4 神速
shrimp, prawn xia1
spoon, scoop, ladle shao2zi 勺子
classifier: long slender objects (cigarettes, guitar strings etc.) gen1
to masturbate zi4wei4 自慰
warm (welcome etc.) re4lie4 热烈
to resemble, to appear, appearance xiang4
fragrance, sweet smell xiang1wei4 香味
expert in, good at na2shou3 拿手
shady relationship, affair ai4mei4guan1xi4 暧昧关系
intuition, direct feeling or understanding zhi2gan3 直感
intuition zhi2jue2 直觉
to leave behind, to stay behind, to remain, to keep liu2xia4 留下
capable, competent neng2gan4 能干
pertaining to, concerning, regarding, about a matter of guan1yu2 关于
unrelated, having nothing to do (with sth else) wu2guan1 无关
deep, profound shen1shen1 深深
female proprietor, lady boss, boss's wife lao3ban3niang2 老板娘
rules, regulations gui1cheng2 规程
deep fryer pan with oil you2guo1 油锅
to retort, to refute fan3bo2 反驳
shift in the trend of events, plot shift in a book zhuan3zhe2 转折
turning point, breaking point zhuan3zhe2dian3 转折点
compound phrase, compound sentence fu4ju4 复句
commonly seen, frequently seen, common chang2jian4 常见
subjective zhu3guan1 主观
objective ke4guan1 客观
bilateral, both sides, both parties involved shuang1fang1 双方
personnel, employee, cadre (party) gan4bu4 干部
empty nest, home where kids grew up and moved out kong1chao2 空巢
to raise, to increase zeng1jia1 增加
quietly, secretly qiao1qiao1 悄悄
generation gap dai4gou1 代沟
reason, grounds, justification li3you2 理由
be in the bathroom (have the runs) la1xi1 拉稀
to burn, to scald tang4
subject (grammar) zhu3yu3 主语
object (grammar) bin1yu3 宾语
enough, sufficient zu2gou4 足够
form, specification ge2shi4 格式
many, much, a lot of xu3duo1 许多
rapid, speedy, fast xun4su4 迅速
amount, quantity shu4liang4 数量
structure, composition, makeup, architecture jie2gou4 结构
to separate, to part fen1kai1 分开
future, tomorrow, approaching, coming wei4lai2 未来
regarding, with regards to, as far as sth is concerned dui4yu2 对于
purpose, aim, goal, target mu4di4 目的
affair, matter, thing shi4qing2 事情
definitely zhun3
mark, point fen1(fen1shu4) 分(分数)
notice letter tong1zhi1shu1 通知书
inferior, poor cha4
aspiration zhi4qi4 志气
great, outstanding wei3da4 伟大
advisor, professor dao3shi1 导师
to construct jian4she4 建设
motherland zu3guo2 祖国
aspiration, will zhi4
to overcome ke4fu2 克服
to conduct oneself, to behave with integrity zuo4ren2 做人
orphan gu1er2 孤儿
obedient ting1hua4 听话
to bloom, to open, to be open-minded, to be open (in public), to open up (to outside) kai1fang4 开放
since (a previous event) yi3lai2 以来
huge, immense, gigantic ju4da4 巨大
to reduce, to lower jiang4di1 降低
it is a pity, unfortunately ke3xi1 可惜
senior (in the same master studies) shi1xiong1 师兄
among, in the middle, in the center dang1zhong1 当中
to pay the meal mai3dan1 买单
boat, vessel, ship chuan2
captain, skipper chuan2zhang3 船长
fool sha3gua1 傻瓜
to run into zhuang4
deep feeling, deep love, deep emotion shen1qing2 深情
to have to think about it, recall... xiang3xiang 想想
to save, to rescue, to assist jiu4
law, regularity gui1lv4 规律
historian li4shi3xue2jia1 历史学家
goods shang1pin3 商品
to approach, to be close to jie1jin4 接近
to be averse to fan3gan3 反感
enterprise gi3ye4 企业
product chan3pin3 产品
to close he2
almost, close, near, nearly jiang1jin4 将近
to cross, to pass through chuan1 穿
image xing2xiang4 形象
to die si3wang2 死亡
to avoid bi4
quiet jing4
sth horn shaped, corner, horn jiao3
to rely on, to depend on kao4
to apply for shen1qing3 申请
left falling stroke pie3
right falling stroke na4
scholarship jiang3xue2jin1 奖学金
application form shen1qing3shu1 申请书
visa qian1zheng4 签证
full scholarship quan2e2 全额
local dang1di4 当地
only if, except chu2fei1 除非
history of literature wen2xue2shi3 文学史
crocodile, alligator e4yu2 鳄鱼
accountant kuai4ji4 会计
imagination she4xiang3 设想
by oneself, independently dan1du2 单独
formation of Chinese character zi4xing2 字形
to coordinate, coordinated, harmonious xie2tiao2 协调
stroke (of a character) bi3hua4 笔画
...radical, radical of ... ...zi4pang2 ...字旁
common chang2yong4 常用
distribute fen1bu4 分布
to sell, market xiao1shou4 销售
all one's life yi2bei4zi 一辈子
county town, county seat, county xian4cheng2 县城
good prospects, promise chu1xi 出息
as, with yi3
county xian4
to talk, to discuss yi4lun4 议论
to enquire, to inquire (about, after) xun2wen4 询问
specialty, special skill zhuan1chang2 专长
at regular time ding4shi2 定时
apply for job/offer/position ying4pin4 应聘
superstition mi2xin4 迷信
to lose shi1qu4 失去
handkerchief shou3juan4 手绢
tear, tears, crying yan3lei4 眼泪
business sheng1yi 生意
number, digit, numeral shu4zi4 数字
ladder ti1zi 梯子
mirror, lens jing4zi 镜子
to continue, to have to retain bao3liu2 保留
to disappear xiao1shi1 消失
to step on sth cai3
excrement, shit shi3
log, wood mu4tou 木头
saliva, spittle kou3shui3 口水
to come from, to originate from lai2zi4 来自
to be short of, to lack que1fa2 缺乏
wild horse ye3ma3 野马
the breeding season fa1qing2qi1 发情期
to come up, to approach shang4lai2 上来
Bachelor of Arts wen2xue2shi4 文学士
master's degree, learned person shuo4shi4 硕士
not good hao3bu4... 好不...
to doubt, to suspect, doubt, suspicion, skeptical huai2yi2 怀疑
to be fired, to fire chao3you2yu2 炒鱿鱼
in any event, come what may, whatever happens fan3zheng4 反正
Bachelor of Science li3xue2shi4 理学士
attribute, property shu3xing4 属性
contradictory, contradiction mao2dun4 矛盾
low pitch, quiet (voice), low-profile di1diao4 低调
to kill sb. verbally da3sha1 打杀
cause sb to fail due to excessive praise peng3sha1 捧杀
to slap (in the face) chou1zui3ba 抽嘴巴
(great) majority da4duo1shu4 大多数
only then, only after cai2
to learn, to master, institute xue2hui4 学会
appointment, engagement yue1hui4 约会
to be dating, to court tan2lian4ai4 谈恋爱
iceberg bing1shan1 冰山
action, activity, accomplishment, achievement zuo4wei2 作为
comlement bu3yu3 补语
reduplication (in Chinese grammar), to overlap, redundancy chong2die2 重叠
nature, characteristics xing4zhi4 性质
identity, status, position, rank shen1fen4 身份
to show clearly, to designate, to indicate zhi3ming2 指明
not easy to do sth, difficult, unchanging ...bu4yi4 ...不易
end of term qi1mo4 期末
to bet, to gamble du3
to raise animals in a fold juan4yang3 圈养
one..., (1/...), (1/3) ...fen1zhi1yi1 (san1fen1zhi1yi) ...分之一 (三分之一)
imperative (grammar) qi2shi3 祈使
to have an instant attraction to sb, to have chemistry with sb lai2dian4 来电
to bear, to give birth, to grow, to bring up children sheng1yu4 生育
exclamation, exclamation phrase (grammar) gan3tan4ju4 感叹句
interrogative sentence (grammar) yi2wen4ju4 疑问句
an assertion, to declare, to state chen2shu4 陈述
declarative sentence (grammar) chen2shu4ju4 陈述句
order, command ming4ling4 命令
to enforce, enforcement qiang2zhi4 强制
to pee, to piss, to urinate sa1niao4 撒尿
imperative clause (grammar) qi2shi3ju4 祈使句
compartment, gap, interval, to divide jian4ge2 间隔
around, from beginning to end qian2hou4 前后
movement, motion, action dong4zuo4 动作
to emphasize (a statement), to stress qiang2diao4 强调
operation, action, to move, mobile xing2dong4 行动
to throw away, to throw out reng1diao4 扔掉
to pee niao4niao4 尿尿
player (CD, DVD, etc.) bo1fang4ji1 播放机
forming a complete set, completing one another cheng2tao4 成套
the twelfth month of the lunar year la4yue4 腊月
family reunion dinner nian2ye4fan4 年夜饭
pocket money given to children on lunar calendar New Year ya1sui4qian2 压岁钱
the... day of the lunar month chu1... 初...
the first month of the lunar year zheng1yue4 正月
fire works bian1pao4 鞭炮
flat, dull, ordinary, nothing special ping2dan4 平淡
daily life of a small family xiao3ri4zi 小日子
loud laughter ha1ha1da4xiao4 哈哈大笑
long time, all day ban4tian1 半天
member, nationality, group zu2 ...族
to be satisfied, to satisfy man3zu2 满足
dynasty, imperial court, reign chao2
exposure, toward, to fall, to turn towards chao2xiang4 朝向
suburbs jiao1qu1 郊区
communication, traffic jiao1tong1 交通
water and electricity costs shui3dian4fei4 水电费
transport or communication fee jiao1tong1fei4 交通费
to be left (over), to remain sheng4xia4 剩下
to take up duty as, take on (an office) dang1shang 当上
sunshine, sunlight yang2guang1 阳光
bedroom wo4shi4 卧室
hot water heater re4shui3qi4 热水器
central heating equipment, heating, warm air, warm gas nuan3qi4 暖气
broadband (internet) kuan1dai4 (shang4wang3) 宽带 (上网)
coat waredrobe da4yi1gui4 大衣柜
bookcase shu1gui4 书柜
wall qiang2
hook gua4shang4 挂上
to draw, to paint, drawing, painting hua4r 画儿
window sill chuang1tai2 窗台
flower pot pen2hua1 盆花
each, a piece, respective ge4zi4 各自
complementary, to compliment each other hu4bu3 互补
major city, big city, metropolis da4cheng2shi2 大城市
rent, cost for a room fang2fei4 房费
co-tenancy he2zu1 合租
awkward, embarrassed gan1ga4 尴尬
toilet pot, chamber pot ma3tong3 马桶
digression, gossip, scandal xian2hua4 闲话
opposite polarities attract yi4xing4xiang1xi1 异性相吸
heavily, severely jiao4zhong4 较重
physical strength, stamina ti3li4 体力
club zong3hui4 总会
broken heart huai4xin1 怀心
second hand er4shou3 二手
the Galaxy, the Milky Way tian1he2 天河
later, afterwards guo4hou4 过后
girl, daughter, prostitute gu1niang 姑娘
inch ying1cun4 英寸
speaker, loudspeaker, amplifier yin1xiang1 音箱
for public use, public, commercial place, arena gong1yong4 公用
place, arena cheng3suo3 成所
public space gong1yong cheng3suo3 公用成所
to receive through distribution or allocation fen1de2 分得
to close, to close down, to shut guan1bi4 关闭
reliable ke3kao4 可靠
sense of security an1quan2gan3 安全感
safe, secure, safety, security an1quan2 安全
if you can save (money) why not save neng2sheng3jiu4sheng3bei 能省就省呗
to sell at a discount da3zhe2 打折
to cut prices, to mark down jian3jia4 减价
to string together, bunch, cluster chuan4
just (in time), just right, just enough zheng4hao3 正好
to cut down kan3dao4 砍到
to carry on a shoulder pole, to choose, to pick tiao1
to raise, to dig up, to poke, to stir up tiao3
large, bulky da4jian4 大件
breed, variety pin3zhong3 品种
to pick and choose, to select tiao1jian3 挑拣
on the way, incidentally, in passing shun4bian4 顺便
in this world, under the sun tian1di3xia 天底下
Nadir (astronomical) tian1di3 天底
no matter how/what, regardless bu4guan3 不管
to bargain, to cut or beat down a price kan3jia4 砍价
secret purse, secret stash of money si1fang2qian2 私房钱
normal university, teacher training college shi1da4(shi1fan4da4xue2) 师大(师范大学)
booth, vendor's stall tan1zi 摊子
kiosk, snack counter, retail department, section (in a large business) xiao3mai4bu4 小卖部
to study by oneself, to teach yourself zi4xi2 自习
every/all kind/s of various kinds ge4zhong3 各种
material, resources, data, info, profile (internet) zi1liao4 资料
to put on (glasses, gloves), to support, to wear, to respect, to bear dai4
cream, elite, essence, quintessence jing1ying1 精英
common place, ordinary, mediocre ping2fan2 平凡
shore, seaside hai3bin1 海滨
sand, beach sha1tan1 沙滩
fresh and clear qing1xin1 清新
sunrise ri4chu1 日出
shell, conch, cowry, hard outer skirt bei4ke2 贝壳
poker, deck of playing cards pu1ke4 扑克
to forget wang4diao4 忘掉
to amuse oneself, to have fun, to go sightseeing you2wan2 游玩
guest house, lodge, hotel bin1guan3 宾馆
to consist of, to comprise, to include, to involve bao1kuo4 包括
water dispenser, drinking fountain yin3shui3ji1 饮水机
DVD(player) ying3die2(ji1) 影碟(机)
bedside cabinet chuang2tou2gui4 床头柜
wardrobe armoire yi1gui4 衣柜
dressing table shu1zhuang1tai2 梳妆台
shoe cabinet xie2gui4 鞋柜
pillow zhen3tou 枕头
pillow case zhen3tao4 枕套
quilt cover bei4zhao4 被罩
(cotton padded) mattress ru4zi 褥子
natural gas tian1ran2qi4 天然气
mattress chuang2dian4 床垫
to allocate, to mate, to match, to mix, to fit pei4
to be dead drunk ming3ding3 酩酊
to take a shower lin2yu4 淋浴
to bath xi3yu4 洗浴
free of charge main3fei4 免费
warm air, heating, heater nuan3qi4 暖气
morning market zao3shi4 早市
food market cai4shi4chang3 菜市场
to hear ting1jian4 听见
thief xiao3tou1 小偷
was stolen tou1zou3le 偷走了
pocket, sack, bag kou3dai4 口袋
to dive into sth, to reach into ba3shou3shen1jin4 把手伸进
soft, mushy, well cooked and soft, to rot, rotten, decomposed lan4
game, to play you2xi4 游戏
and so on, and what not shen4mede 什么的
to have the heart to do sth ren3xin1 忍心
ancient, old gu3lao3 古老
alley, alley way xiao3xiang4 小巷
(water) well shui3jing3 水井
legend, tradition, folklore, it is said..., they say that... chuan2shuo1 传说
kilometer gong1li3 公里
colored glass, ceramic glaze liu2li 琉璃
original name yuan2ming2 原名
fence zha4lan2 栅栏
centimeter li2mi3 厘米
to meet, to encounter, to come across xiang1yu4 相遇
passage way, archway men2dong4 门洞
to make, to cause, to enable, to use, envoy, messenger shi3 使
important point, focus, key, to focus on, to emphasis zhong4dian3 重点
to protect, to defend, protection bao3hu4 保护
large building, edifice, mansion da4sha4 大厦
group, crowd, flock, herd, pack qun2
card, invitation, message(internet), post(forum) tie3zi 帖子
to be located, to lie, to be situated at wei4yu2 位于
lit. the wind past your ear: sth you do not pay attention to er3bian1feng1 耳边风
barely, only, merely, only this jin3jin3 仅仅
to receive and send shou1fa1 收发
experiment, test, experimental shi4yan4 试验
to pay, to hand over fu4
to pay money fu4qian2 付钱
to pay up, to shell out jiao1qian2 交钱
dad's dad zu3fu4 祖父
dad's mom zu3mu3 祖母
mom's dad wai4gong (also: wai4zu3fu4) 外公 (外祖父)
mom's mom wai4po2 (also: lao3lao/wai4zu3mu3) 外婆 (也:姥姥/外祖母)
mom's older/younger brother jiu4jiu 舅舅
mom's brother's wife jiu4ma1 舅妈
mom's older/younger sister yi2mu3 姨母
mom's sister's husband yi2fu 姨父
dad's younger brother shu1shu 叔叔
dad's younger brother's wife shen3shen 婶婶
dad's older brother bo2bo (also: bo2fu4) 伯伯 (也:伯父)
dad's older/younger sister gu1gu (also: gu1mu3) 姑姑 (也:姑母)
(father's side) older male cousin tang2ge1 堂哥
(father's side) younger male cousin tang2di4 堂弟
(father's side) older female cousin tang2jie3 堂姐
(father's side) younger female cousin tang2mei4 堂妹
(mother's side) older male cousin biao3ge1 表哥
(mother's side) younger male cousin biao3di4 表弟
(mother's side) older female cousin biao3jie3 表姐
(mother's side) younger female cousin biao3mei4 表妹
older brother's wife sao3zi 嫂子
older sister's husband jie3fu 姐夫
younger brother's wife di4mei4 (also: di4xi2) 弟妹 (也:弟媳)
younger sister's husband mei4fu 妹夫
brother's son zhi2zi 侄子
brother's daughter zhi2nv3 侄女
sister's son wai4sheng 外甥
sister's daughter wai4shengnv3 外甥女
daughter-in-law er2xi2fu 儿媳妇
son-in-law nv3xu 女婿
son's son sun1zi 孙子
son's daughter sun1nv3 孙女
daughter's son wai4sun1 外孙
daughter's daughter wai4sun1nv3 外孙女
to hold out a hand, to ask for sth shen1shou3 伸手
cordial, passion, enthusiastic, passionate re4qing2 热情
socks, stocking wa4zi 袜子
single, only, sole, odd dan1
driver's license jia4zhao4 驾照
driving school jia4xiao4 驾校
uphill, upslope, move upwards, to climb a slope shang4po1 上坡
control, to contain, to exercise control over kong4zhi4 控制
to set sth aside, to let sth lie idle, idle, unused kong1zhi4 空置
loudspeaker, megaphone, trumpet, horn (car) la3ba 喇叭
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sirs, (pron) everyone zhu1wei4 诸位
to tailgate, to hit the car ahead, bump into the rear zhui1wei3 追尾
skill, ability, capability ben3ling3 本领
ability, skill ben3shi 本事
intersection of roads (ma3)lu4kou3 (马)路口
street, road (ma3)lu4 (马)路
downhill xia4po1 下坡
slope, sloping, slanted po1
living area, residential area zhu4di4 住地
from now on, in the future, time to come wang3hou4 往后
engineering, engineering project gong1cheng2 工程
to stick, to paste, to post (blog) tie1
at anytime, at all times, at the right time sui2shi2 随时
anytime and anywhere sui2shi2sui2di4 随时随地
to change buses/trains etc. dao3che1 倒车
to reverse (a vehicle), to drive backwards dao4che1 倒车
to yell han3dao4 喊道
to fight over, to rush, to grab, to rob, to snatch qiang3
sheet, piece of writing, chapter article, classifier: written items pian1
article, essay, literary words, writings, hidden meaning wen2zhang1 文章
sudden idea, flash of insight yi1shan3nian4 一闪念
computer, calculator ji4suan4ji1 计算机
fool, idiot ben4dan4 笨蛋
sb. new to a particular subject, beginner, rookie, newbie cai4niao3 菜鸟
expert, a dab hand gao3shou3 高手
to cut short, extinct, to disappear, to vanish jue2
legendary, fantasy saga, romance chuan2qi2 传奇
dozen yi1da2 一打
to interrupt, to break off, to break (a bone) da3duan4 打断
leg tui3
to remain, to be left, to have a remainder sheng4
to congratulate, congratulations zhu4he4 祝贺
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