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Pharm Final


Antacids neutralize gastric acid
Coating agents form complex that adheres to crater of ulcer.
Histamine-2 blkers decrease hydrochloric acid (increases pH)
Proton Pump Inhibitors reduce gastric acid (parietal cells) secretion by irreversibly inhibiting enzyme to produce gastric acid.
Prokinetic Agents Increases emptying of stomach to reduce reflux, stimul. GI motility, anti-emetic.
Antispasmotic Agents reduce enzymes needed for digestion, decr. GI motility and secretions.
Dopamine Antagonists inhibit dopam. recept.(part of pathway to vomiting center)
Serotonin Antagonists Blk receptors in chemorecept. trigger zone
Anticholinergics reduces acetylcholine @ chemorecept. trigg. zone and vomiting center.
Corticosteroids UNKNOWN ACTION
Benzodiazepines sedat, decr.anxiety, VC depression, amnesic effect.
Neurokinin-1Recept. antagonist Blocks effects of Substance P in CNS. (Prevention of acute/delayed chemo-induced N/V.
Decongestants Vasoconstrict=decrease in mucus, relieves stuffiness.
Antihistamines Does not prevent hist. release, but reduces symptoms of allerg. reaction, tiss.damge, or infection.
Expectorants Liquefy mucus, help expel secretion.
Antitussives Suppress cough center in brain.
Mucolytic Agents Reduce viscosity and stickiness of pulm. secretions.
Bronchodilators Relax SM of tracheobronch. tree--*mainstay of asthma therapy.
Glucocorticosteroid Prevent inflamm, suppression of airway mucus product.
Bile-acid binding Resins Bind bile acids in intest., resin forms nonabsorbable complex. Prevents recirculation of bile acids. Liver increases metabolism of cholest. to produce more bile acids.
Ezetimibe (Zetia) Blocks absorption of cholest. in sm. intestine
Fibric Acids most-effect. triglyc. lowering
Omega-3 FA Reduce synthesis of triglyc. in liver.
Diuretics Reduce BP, vol.depletion, Sodium exretion, vasodilat. of periph. arteries.
Beta-Blockers Inhibit card. response to symphath. nerve stimulation.
ACE inhibitors block conversion of angioi-ii to reduce BP, and preserve CO.
Angiotension receptor blkers Bind with receptor sites; blocks angiotensin ii.
Calcium channel blkers Blocks calcium channels in blood vessels (vasodilat)
Alpha-1 Blocking Agents vasodilat, reduced PVR
Nitrates Relaxes periph. vascular smooth muscles.Dialates arteries and veins.
PLatlet Aggregate inhibitors Prevents platlets from clotting together-interfers with clotting.
Anticoagulants Prevetion of Venous thrombosis, thrombosis formation
Cholinergic Agents affect parasympath. portion of nerv. syst
Dopaminergics (levodopa) symptom relief of parkinsons
COMT inhibitor (entacapone) reduce destruct. of dopamine in periph. tissues.
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