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Vocab For WW

reassignment appoint to a different job or task
mutilation inflict a violent and disfiguring injury
gene a unit or heredity
casualty a person killed or injured in a war or accident
bankrupt declared in law unable to pay your debts
recruited enlists someone in the armed forces
perimeter the boundary (line of an object)
propulsion the act or drive of pushing forward
asphalt a mixture of sand, pitch, and gravel used to form new roads
technique the way of carrying out a particular task
legitimate conforming to the laws or rules
liverwurst a seasoned meat paste made out of liver
persecution to treat someone with hostility because of their beliefs
paranoia mental condition where a person is delusional
assassin a murderer of an important person
extravagant lacking restraint in spending money or resources
strategy a plan of action
campaign a series of military operations to scheme a goal
nefarious wicked or criminal
tragedy (as in a play) a play with tragic events or an unhappy ending