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Extra credit NUB 350


Which test monitors electrical impulses of the brain? EEG
What is a main side effect to a lumbar puncture? Headache
Whats the most sensitive indicater of change in the neurological status? LOC
Which scale is used to determine stimuli in terms of eye opening, verbal response and motor response? Glasgow Coma Scale
Adults - when your toes flare whats this called? Babinskis reflex
Which dx test do you use to determine stroke? CT
What is the precursor to stroke? TIA
which stroke do you decrease pressure? Hemorrhagic
What stroke do you not decrease pressure? Ischemic
Difficulty with communition? Aphasia
Difficulty swallowing? Dysphagia
Signs of Stroke? FAST Face droop;arm/leg wear; sudden slurred speech; time to call
TPA can be given within _________ of onset? 3-4 hours
What disease affects the upper and lower motor neuron clinical manifestations? ALT
What area is not affected with ALS? Bowel/Bladder incontince
What cranial nerve is affected with bells palsy? Cranial nerve 7
Which disease attacks the myeline sheath? Guillian Barre
What disease destorys the myeline sheath? MS
In gillian Barre do you suppress the immune systems? No
What drug do you gie to MS patients for bladder incontience? Ditropan
What is Parkinson's Disease Decrease in Dopamine
What is the first sign of Parkinson's Disease Tremor
What is the second sign of Parkinson's Disease Rigidity
What is the third sign of Parkinson's Disease Bradykinesia
Patients with lower back pain should not sleep in what poisiton? Prone
Patients with lower back pain should exercise? 15 min in the morning and 15 min in the afternoon
What disease is a silent theif? Osteoporosis
What drug is given for osteoporosis? Fosamax
What 2 considerations should be used when giving Fosomax? Sitting up for 30 minutes and Take on a empty stomach
What sign for carpel tunnel tap on the median nerve? Tinnel
What sign for carpel tunnel wrists inward? Platens
Osteoarthritis is not painful? False
What labs are used to detect osteoarthritis? None
Rheumatoid Arthritis is not painful? True
What helps elimates pain with Rheumatoid Arthritis? Use helps
What lab test is done to determine Rheumatoid Arthritis? RF; C-reactive protein;ESR
What drug is used for Rheumatoid Arthritis? Methotrexate
Does Rheumatoid Arthritis affect unilaterally or bilaterally? Bilaterally
What is Scleroderma? Hard Skin
Can Scleroderma affect other organs? Yes
What does Crest stand for in Scleroderma? Calcinoisis;Raynaud's phenomenon; Esophageal hardening; sclerodactyly; telangietasias
what medication would you use for Fibromyalgia for muscle pain? Neurotin
What is Lupus? Inflammation throughout the whole body.
What disease would you find butterfly rash? Lupus
What lab would you use to dx Lupus? Anti SM
What disease forms urate crystals? Gout
What type of diet do you want to be on for GOUT? No Purine
What medication works for both HTN and GOUT? Cozaar
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