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ACA Photoshop Review

The image you are editing is 3 inches wide by 4 inches high. You need to scale your image. Which method enables you to scale your image to exactly 9 inches wide by 12 inches high? Using the Transform tool while pressing the Shift Key, click and drag over a node.
Your client gave you images in several formats. You need the uncompressed and unprocessed files. Which file formats should you request so that you will have the "photo negative' files? RAW
Which tool is used to remove red eye? red eye tool
Which method will enable you to create a printed sheet (a comp or zed card) with different-sized photos? Choose File > Scripts > Image Processor
Which consideration is relevant to your client's target website audience? Industry trends that appeal to prospective customers.
Which method enables you to load a selection from the layers palette? Press Ctrl/Cmd and click on the thumbnail
A client has asked you to reconfigure some existing advertisements. The client would like you to limit the amount of "white space" in the images. Which image element(s) has the client asked you to limit? negative space
You are resizing you image so that it is smaller. You'll require less resolution in a smaller size, but you want to prevent distortion. Which adjustment function should you use to resize the image by changing the amount of data stored in the image? resampling
You are creating an image with a drop shadow for use on a website. What file format shoule use? JPEG
Which is the most appropriate unit of measurement when you are working with images intended to display on-screen? pixels
Under which of the following conditions can you use copyrighted work? You follow fair use laws
You share your computer with two other users working different classes. You need to customize a few settings in Photoshop that you use often for efficiency. Choose Window > Save Workspace
You are working on an image in Photoshop in its own layer. You need to have the ability to scale and rotate your image without losing picture quality (non-destructive editing). Which method will retain the non-destructive editing for the layer? Convert the layer to a Smart Object
Which two items are necessary planning details on a Photoshop project plan? due dates and project scope
Which color mode should you use to send your graphic design project to a print shop? CMYK
Which file format can be interlaced and used to display simple line art or illustrations on the Web? GIF
When designing your image, Two of your three focal points on grid are aligned with standard design principle reference points. Which grid design reflects the most commonly used principle for dividing an image into compositional sections? nine equal sections; dividing the image by two equally-spaced horizontal and two equally-spaced vertical lines
A company that specializes in spa treatments and relaxation techniques has asked you to produce images for it's advertising flyers. Which technique is appropriate for you to use when preparing to produce images suitable to the client's purpose? research competitor company designs
Which set of image properties reflects a high-resolution image that has been prepared for commercial printing? 5 inches high by 7 inches wide, CMYK mode, 300dpi
Your client has a simple three-color vector logo for it's website. Which compression format is most appropriate for optimizing vector images, line art, or solid lines of color and smallest file size? GIF
When you are using a layer mask, what does painting with black or white inside the mask do? Black hides the image; white reveals the image
You are working on an image in Photoshop in it's own layer. You need to scale and rotate your image without losing picture quality (non-destructive editing). Which method will enable you to retain the non-destructive editing for the necessary layer? Conver layer to smart objecgt
Which policy restricts the use of copyrighted material on a website without first getting permission from the author, creator, or copyright holder? WIPO Copyright Treaty
Which method will add a guide to your document window? Choose View > Rulers, and then drag a guide out from the rulers.
You are creating a graphic for a web page. You need to maintain a transparent background using a matte color. You have turned off the visibility of the background layer. What is your next step? Choose File > Save for Web & Devices, and then select GIF.
Which text style maximizes online readability Sans-Serif
What is the bit depth of an indexed image? 8
What is the fastest way to draw simple grass in an image? Use the grass preset in the Brush tool.
Which graphic type is resolution independent? graphics which are defined by lines and curves
What principle should you apply to ensure a visually appealing layout? Rule of Thirds/Golden Triangle
You must meet with your printer to soft proof you project before it is printed. What is the purpose of the Photoshop soft proof functionality in the review process? review on-screen what your colors will look like on a particular printer
Which of the following is changed in an image when a raster image is edited? Pixel
You are flattening your image. You have several layers in your image file, one of which is an adjustment layer. When you flatten your image, what will you lose in your adjustment layer? the ability to remove non-destructive edits
Which design concept should you take into consideration when preparing images for a global audience? Cultural differences
You have an image that is 4 inches wide by 5 inches high, with a resolution of 72. What are the image dimensions in pixels? 288 by 360
Which design principle can be represented with an overlay when using the Crop tool? Rule of thirds
Your client has request that you make prints from a set of old, valuable slide film. What must you consider when converting the old media to a current, professional product? the technology needed to reproduce the product in print form
Which two deliverables should be expected results from a Photoshop project? sketches and project specifications
What should you take into consideration when preparing images for an educational audience that includes students, aged five through 11? whether the images are age appropriate
Excluding images which are obtained using the Fair Use Act, at which point is an image copyright protected? Once the image is produced in some form
Which two phrases would indicate an appropriate level of planning on a Photoshop project plan? Testing will be conducted by and Design will involve.
You have rearranged objects in your image to emphasize similarities and differences that might not be obvious. Which design principle explains the simplest way to influence the sense of unity and relatedness? proximity
Which two changes will usually make text more readable? Increasing font size and Using darker color
Which color mode is most commonly used for displaying color images on a computer monitor? RGB
You are working on the draft of a logo. hich format should you use if you anticipate further feedback and changes to the logo? Leave the document as a layered file for any future edits or changes.
In Photoshop you can create a clipping group of two layers from the Menu: Layer > Create Layer Mask. What else can you use as a shortcut? ALT-Click (OPTION-Click on Mac) on the line dividing the two layers
You are a designing a transparent graphic that will be imported into InDesign and will eventually be printed. Which format is most appropriate so your file can easily be imported in InDesign and printed clearly? Maintain a high-resolution file without the background, and save the file as a Photoshop (.psd) file
Which would benefit most from applying a photo filter to an image? Correcting a poor white balance
Which situation is most efficiently resolved using the color burn blending options? Darkening the base color to reflect the blend color by increasing the contrast.
Which tools are most efficient for creating an outline of a ball? Oval Tool
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