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Pharm test 30 apr

10 drugs and calculations

Albuterol Selective beta-2 agonist that stimulates adrenergic receptors of the sympathomimetic nervous system resulting in smooth muscle relaxation in the bronchial tree and peripheral vasculature. Smooth muscle relaxation Bronchospasm, Asthma
Atropine Blocks acetylcholine at muscarinic receptor sites Blocks parasympathetic response and allows the sympathetic response to take over; resulting in the increase of cardiac output and the drying of secretion sludge Symptomatic bradycardia, Asystole, PEA
Diazepam Acts on parts of the limbic system, the thalamus, and hypothalamus producing calming effects; Potentiates effects of inhibitory neurotransmitters. Increased seizure threshold Status epilepticus, transient analgesia, delirium tremens.
Diphenhydramine Blocks cellular histamine receptors, but does not prevent histamine release. Decreases capillary permeability and decreases vasodilation, as well as prevention of bronchospasm. Anaphylaxis, Phenothiazine reactions, Antiemetic
Epinephrine Stimulates Alpha, B1 and B2 receptor sites A- vasoconstriction; B1- Inc. HR, Inc. FOC, Inc. CV; B2- Smooth muscle relaxation Anaphilaxis, Reactive airway disease, Pulseless.
Furosemide Inhibits electrolyte reabsorption in the ascending Loop of Henle Diuresis, venodilator Pulmonary edema, CHF, Cerebral edema
Ipratropium Bromide Blocks acetylcholine at muscarinic receptor sites Bronchodilator Bronchospasm associated with COPD
Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate stabilizes cellular and intracellular membranes Anti-inflammatory Reactive airway disease, Burns potentially involving the airway
Sodium Bicarbonate Buffers H+ and increases pH Increases pH Pre-existing metabolic acidosis, Overdose of aspirin, Cyclic antidepressant overdose, Cardiac arrest after other interventions and ventilation is adequate
Activated Charcoal Physical binding (adsorption) of poisons from the GI tract. prevents/reduces systemic absorption of poisons Oral ingestion of poisons
Created by: whitefire70