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CNA chapt. 4 & 5


Making rounds You visit each resident BRIEFLY to see if they have IMMEDIATE needs.
Planning involves -what you are going to do. -How you are going to do it. -When you are going to do it.
Procrastination Putting off doing something till some other time.
Objective Observation FACTS observed
Subjective Observation JUDGMENTS based on personal feelings.
Principles of Charting -All entries signed 1st initial last name & title. -When a error is made a single line may be drawn through the entry.
2.2 pounds in each? Kilogram
TPR Temperature, Pulse & Resporation
Normal body Temperature 98.6 F
Individualized Health car plan is a Legal requirment
Factors that increase the body temperature -Infections -Shivering -physical activity & exercise -warm external environment -dehydration
Factors the decrease the body temperature -stroke -Colder external environment -Age -Drugs such as asperion or acetaminophen
Medical lift to weigh a resident make sure the open part of the hook is away from the resident
Oral in the mouth
Rectal In the rectum
Before taking temperature -ask if they had anything to drink -ask if they smoked -if so wait 20 min
When taking temperature you must remain in the mouth for 2-3min
When taking rectal temperature -Glove -Lubricate & insert 1 in -hold 3 min -Never leave alone
Axillary Armpit
When taking temperature axillary -Dry arm pit -hold 10min
Normal Oral temperature 98.6 Degrees F
Normal Rectal Temperature 99.6 degrees F
Normal Axillary Temperature 97.6 degrees F
Not normal Oral Temperature 100 degrees F
Not normal Rectal Temperature 101 degrees F
Not normal Axillary 99 degrees F
Pulse how fast the heart is beating
The radial pulse is found in the wrist
Report to charge nurse if beats are below in above below 60 above 90
Normal pulse for different ages -Childhood 80-115 -Adult 72-80 -Later 60-70
Apical Pulse measurement of the heart beats at the apex of the heart.
Never use what when taking a pulse your thumb
Respiration the process of inhaling and exhaling. breathing in and out once
Normal adult breath at what rate? 16-20 times per min
Cheyene-Stroke -breathing is slow & shallow -Respiration becomes faster & deeper -slows & becomes shallow again -breathing may stop completely for 10 sec & begin the same pattern again.
Steps for measuring respiration -hold wrist as if you were talking the pulse. -One rise & fall in one count -If you can't see the chest rise & fall, cross the arms over the chest & feel it rise & fall -Count for 1 min
Systolic Pressure Pressure when the heart is contracting.
Diastolic pressure Pressure when the heart is relaxed
Hypertension High blood pressure
Sphygmanometer Formal name for blood pressure cuff
Blood pressure cuff wrap snug & smoothly around the arm about 1 in above the elbow with the arrows pointing at the brachial pulse
120/80=systolic/diastolic= work/rest or relax=100-140/60-90
Anatomical position the left side is always your right. it will always be opposite for you.
Metastasize Spread to other parts of the body through blood and lymphatic vessels
Cancers 7 warning signs (Caution) -Change in bowel or badder habits -a sore that doesn't heal -unusual bleeding or discharge -thickening or lump in breast or elsewhere -Indigestion or difficult swallowing -Obvious changes in wart or mole -Nagging cough or hoarseness
The sensory system consists of (TEENS) T-tongue E-eyes E-Ears N-Nose S-Skin
Presbyopia Small print at arms length. Cure is Glasses
Contaract the lens becomes cloudy to the point of complete blindness. The only cure is surgery. Looking through glasses covered with Vaseline
Glaucoma Pressure within eyes. Symptoms are pain over the eyes at night. Usually treated with eye drops. Individuals describe "halos" around lights & tunnel vision
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