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How is the "Kepler" mission searching for earth-like planets? transits
What is the surface temperature in degrees Fahrenheit on Saturn's moon titan -290
How Long does it take Jupiter to move through the zodiac constellation? a year
How far away are meteors in miles? 50 miles
The sun appears to be 30 minutes of arc across from earth. How big does it appear to be from Neptune in minutes of arc? The distance between Neptune and the sun is 30 Astronomical units 1
A comet's tail always points in which direction? points away from the sun
The rotation period of Pluto and the orbital period of its moon, Charon are both 6.3 day. Why? Tidal lock
You are on Pluto and see charon straight overhead. How long will it take to set? never
Between which two planetary orbits are most asteroids found? Mars and Jupiter
What causes meteors to shine? air friction
What supplies the heat to drive volcanoes on Jupiter's moon, Io tides
which moon in the solar system has a substantial atmosphere Titan
Which planet was found by using Newton's theory of gravity neptune
which solar system planet has the largest mass? Jupiter
Name 4 planets that Voyager 2 photographed extensively Jupiter Saturn Neptune Uranus
How many moons does Jupiter have? 63
What might be the effect of a 10km radius asteroid striking earth? worldwide disaster
The semi-major axis of Halley's comet is 18 A.U. It was last seen in 1986. When will it return? 2062
Does Jupiter have a ring? yes
How many extrasolar planets have been found orbiting stars? 1600
What kind of stellar motion does the doppler technique look for? toward and away
What gas might indicate life on a planet? oxygen
Which is larger on Saturn, equatorial or polar diameter? equatorial
What has been found in 63 million year old layers of clay at several placed on earth that suggests that the impact of an asteroid may have caused the extinction of dinosaurs? iridium
Is neptune frozen solid or does it have weather? has high winds
how much larger is the diameter of jupiter than the earth 11 times
is it possible to stand on the surface of jupiter no
what causes gaps in saturn's rings? periodic nudges from moons
What are neptune's moon triton geysers made of? liquid nitrogen
What is the diameter in miles of the asteroid Ceres Giuseppe Piazzi discovered in 1801? 600
Why must a large part of Jupiter be able to conduct an electric current? its magnetic field
Where does Saturn's moon titan orbit saturn? beyond the rings
what element are both the sun and jupiter mostly made of hydrogen
How can we tell from the naked-eye observations that Saturn is the most distant of the inner 5 planets? moves more slowly through the stars
how many extrasolar planets have been found? 250
is it easier to detect a high or low mass extrasolar planet high mass
if comets were made of solid iron rather than ice, would they have grow tails as they pass the sun no
What diameter crater would a typical 50 meter diameter meteorite make if it hit the earth? 1 mile
Where are liquid nitrogen geysers found? neptune's moon triton
what happens to the volume of water when it freezes? increases
in which planets may liquid metallic hydrogen give a magnetic field? jupiter and saturn
what is the density of jupiter 1.33g/cm3
what is the density of water? 1.0 g/cm3
what is the density of iron? 7.87g/cm3
what is the shape of the orbit of jupiter around the sun ellipse
can liquid metallic hydrogen conduct an electric current? yes
why are there few craters on io or europa than callisto or ganymede io's and Europas activity have covered old impacts and craters io-volcanoes europa- liquid water
why does the apparent angular diameter of jupiter change with time? distance between earth and jupiter vary
which planets have rings that have been observed jupiter saturn uranus neptune
what did galileo observe about jupiter that suggested that all objects in the solar system did not revolve around the earth? jupiters moon orbited jupiter
what is the size of jupiters magnetosphere 3 million km
why is IO denser than europa Io is made of more rock
does jupiter have a ring yes
what is the great red spot storm
what is the rotation period of jupiter .41 earth days or 9.93 hours
why has jupiter retained most of its original atmosphere far from sun, colder, mass
what is responsible for jupiter's enormous magnetic field liquid metallic hydrogen
on which moon of jupiter might there be liquid water europa
what could keep the water from freezing tidal heating
what comes out of IO's volcanoes molten sulfur
is water ice common on the moons of jupiter yes
can saturn's brightest moon be seen with an 8'' telescope yes
what would happen to titan if it came inside Saturn's rings would be torn apart
where does saturn's moon titan orbit saturn? beyond the rings
which planet has the most obvious rings as viewed from the earth? Saturn
a one cubic centimeter piece of Saturn's moon Enceladus is taken to earth and found to have a mass of one gram what is it made of? water ice
what happens to a moon if it gets inside the roche limit tear apart
are saturn's rings solid bands no
which is denser saturn or water water
how many moons does saturn have 60
name 4 planets the voyager 2 photographed jupiter saturn neptune uranus
why can titan have an atmosphere while no other moon's in the solar system can gas and farther from the sun
what are the clouds of titan made of methane ethane
what is titan surface temperature -180 C 93K
how big is titan versus our moon twice as big
how long is saturns day 11 hours long
which is denser 34F water or 30F ice 30F ice
what allows saturn to emit more heat than it receives from the sun planetary differentiation
what is the roche limit closet a moon can approach without breaking apart
what is helium precipitation helium condenses, forms a mist, rains down towards saturn interior
what generates heat inside saturn helium precipitation (raining out)
what is the Cassini division gaps in the rings created by a resonance with mimas
what may have caused the rings of saturn ring material lies within the roche limit
when did the Cassini spacecraft arrive at saturn 2004
how was the location of neptune predicted in 1846 based on uranus
will seasonal changes on uranus be more or less extreme than on earth? why? more because earth is tilted much less than uranus
why did voyager cameras use longer exposures for neptune than jupiter neptune was dimmer
does triton orbit around neptune in the same direction as neptune's rotation no backwards
which planet is closet in size to neptune uranus
where are liquid nitrogen geysers found triton
what are neptune's moon triton geysers made of nitrogen
what is unusual about the rotation of uranus rotates on its side
does neptune's moon triton cause tides on neptune? yes
what is responsible for the colors of uranus and neptune methane gas
do uranus and neptune have magnetic fields yes
is neptune frozen solid or does it have weather weather
what is unique about miranda shows tremendous tectonic features and few craters apparently underwent geological activity well after the heavy bombardment ended erasing its early craters
what are comets mostly made of ice
what is a meteor shower radiant point in the sky from which meteors appear to originate
on the night of december 13 50 meteors per hour should be visible from the geminid meteor shower. all the meteors will appear to come from the constellation gemini. why appear to originate from gemini
what will these meteors be composed of dust
what may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurss lack of food
how have the best pgtographs of asteroids been obtained a space probe called eros
what is the oort cloud a spherical distribution of comets centered on the sun extending about 50,000 AU
what is different about apollo asteroids actually cross earth's orbit
what causes meteor showers comet dust sprinkled into an orbit
what is plutos density 2.0 g/cm3
does pluto ever come closer to the sun than neptune yes
why is it so difficult to detect planets around other stars size and distance
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