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Radiology & Infection Control

What is an exam glove made out of? Vinyl or latex
What glove is used during disinfection procedures? Utility gloves
What glove may be placed over exam gloves during patient treatment to prevent cross-contamination? Over gloves
What type of glove is used during oral surgery procedures? Surgical gloves
What is the image produced by traditional film, a continuous spectrum of gray, black and white? Analog image
What is the image receptor found in the intraoral sensor called? CCD or charge coupled device
What is the number of of shades of gray visible in an image called? Gray scale.
What can convert an x-ray film image into a digital image that can be processed by a computer? Digitizing
What are some advantages of using digital radiography? Less radiation exposure to patient, dentist has quick results on monitor, patient may view the x-rays quickly for discussion with dentist
What should be checked in a child's mouth before placing x-rays? Loose teeth, cold sores & canker sores
Any eye-ware is appropriate during patient treatment. T/F False, specific protective eye-ware
Shortcuts should always be used in the area of asepsis. T/F False, shortcuts should NEVER be used
What is the recommended way of drying hands? Using disposable towels
What does the term "universal precautions" mean? Treat everyone as if they are infectious
What pathogen group includes hepatitis? Viral pathogen group
Should manufacturers instructions always be followed when sterilizing hand-pieces? Yes
What are bite-wing x-rays also known as? Interproximal radiographs
What is the fundamental principal of panoramic radiography based on? The principal of tomography
When should PPE be worn? At all times when saliva or blood may be a potential hazard
The ADA enforces that employers must protect their employees. T/F False, OSHA
Where can the waste disposal and labeling of a product be found? MSDS or material safety data sheet
How long does sanitizing spray need to be left on surfaces in the operatory to disinfect? 10 minutes
What is irritating to the eyes and skin, corrosive to metals, unstable, and has to be mixed daily? Sodium hypochlorite
Steam under pressure is the preferred method of sterilization for cutting instruments. T/F Dry heat
What could failure of sterilization in an autoclave occur from? Overloading,improper bagging, improper time or temperature settings
Created by: ddriggers