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Criminal Justice

What are the primary components of the criminal justice system? Law enforcement, courts, corrections
What is "mala in se" Evil unto itself
What are the goals of corrections? Incarceration, retribution, deterrence
Symbol used to identify aspect of justice that is fair and impartial? Blindfold
What is the conflict perspective on crime? Different social groups competing for resources in society
What court system includes circuit and district courts? Federal courts
The Due Process Model of criminal justice is primarily concerned with what? Legal guilt
What is a statutory law? Law written down in society
What is the FBI database of crime statistics from all 50 states? Uniform Crime Report
What is required in first degree murder? Planning and intent to kill
What is a felony murder? An innocent person is killed while a felony is being committed
What is the FBI database that has much more detailed information? National Incident Based Reporting System
What is an example of a public order crime? Sleeping in public, prostitution, lewdness
What type of murders are the DC Snipers an example of? Spree murders
What is burglary? Entering a forbidden property with intent to commit a felony
Which U.S. region had the worst change in crime rate from 2009-10? Northwest
What is forensics? The application of scientific knowledge and methods to criminal and civil investigations and legal procedures
What is civilianization? Community policing that increases number of community residents active in policing
What is unity of command? Each individual in an organization reports directly to a single person higher in the chain of command
What is problem oriented policing? Policing strategy focused on fixing the underlying causes of crime in specific communities
What is the broken windows theory? Disorder leads to crime because criminals assume disorganized neighborhoods will tolerate criminal acts
What is the New York City Police Department's model of crime mapping? CompStat
What is communications interoperability? The ability of police to talk and share data
What is aggressive order maintenance? Address minor offenses to deter major crimes
What is span of control? The number of individuals that one person is responsible for overseeing
What is the computerized mapping system that analyzes relationships between crime variables? Geographic Information Systems
Who issues an indictment? Grand Jury
Who issues a complaint? Prosecutor
What is the process of formally questioning potential jurors? Voir Dire
What is the process of sharing info between prosecution and defense? Discovery
What is peremptory challenge? Attorney's right to dismiss anyone from a jury for no reason
What is challenge for cause? You are dismissed because you won't/can't be unbiased
When is a special prosecutor called in? When a high-level Justice Department official is involved
What is recidivism? The repeating relapse into criminal behavior
What is the Auburn System? Prison where prisoners were isolated at night but could silently meet during work duty and meals
What is a pre sentence investigation report? Report that provide the court with offender's personal history, victim statement, and sentence recommendation
What type of sentence gives a range of time that can be served based on behavior in prison? Indeterminate sentence
What is deterrence used for? To convince offenders no to commit crimes
What does rehabilitation focus on? Helping offenders to change their lives
What is the term for an institution that held jobless vagrants, debtors, and criminals that used forced labor? Workhouse
What were hulks used for? Abandoned ships to hold offenders
What was the first public institution to use imprisonment as a method of reforming offenders? Walnut Street Jail
What is recognizance? Probationer is required to take personal responsibility for meeting all terms of probation
What is a work release? Offender lives in prison, but can leave to report to a regular job
What is a probation sentence designed to satisfy? Punishment, rehabilitation, reintegration
What are traditional conditions of probation? Reporting regularly with probation officer, avoid changing residence, maintaining employment/education
What are the roles of a probation officer? Investigate probationer's background, enforce terms of probation, counsel on how to succeed while on probation
Who is considered the father of probation? John Augustus
What is a technical violation (probation)? Probationer blows off a scheduled meeting with probation officer
How many probationers per officer are in intensive supervision? About 20
Is mediation a good method of reconciling an abused child with the abuser? No
Is electronic monitoring part of a shock program? No
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