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OB ch. 28

Newborn at Risk: Acquired/Congenital Probs

s/s of dystocia limit motion of arm, crepitus over bone, absence of Moro reflex
What causes Erb Palsy? stretching/pulling away of shoulder from head and damage upper plexus.
s/s of Erb Palsy arm hangs limp and adducted and hands turn outward. Recovery in 3-6mos
Which cranial nerve causes facial nerve paralysis CNVII
Prenic nerve innervates what and paralysis causes waht? innervates diaphram, resp affected
What are 4 types of CNS injuries? intracranial hemorrhage, subdural hematoma, subarachnoid hem, spinal cord injuries. Often missed
What r two patterns of neonatal bacterial infections early onset/congenital: 24-48hrs, rapid progress, Ecoli, PROM, maternal fever, chorioamnionitis Late onset: 7-30days, nosocomial/maternal
What is septicemia infection in bloodstream. Pneumonia most common cause of perinatal death
When is time frame to determine nosicomial vs prenatal cause of infection nosicomial: after 2-3 days prenatal: First 48 hrs of life
what are earliest s/s of neonatal sepsis lethargy, poor feeding, poor wt gain, irritability
When do you screen for Strep B? 36 wks Tx: antibiotics for mom, watch baby
What protections does human milk offer? colostrum has IgA: protect GI milk has: bacteriostatic effect on Ecoli and has macrophages/lymphocytes
Perinatally acquired infections can be remembered by TORCH Toxoplasmosis Other: gonorrha/HepB/syphillis/varicella-zoster/parvovirus/HIV Rubella Cytomegalovirus Herpes simplex virus
s/s of syphilis copper-colored maculopapular dermal rash on sole/palms/diaper area/mouth/anus
what is rhagades rough, cracked mucocutaneous lesions of lips
when should infants have HepB immune globulin? infants whose mothers have antibodies the HBsAg or dev hep during preg. After birth/w/in 12 hrs then 1mo, then 6mos
what is leading cause of neonatal sepsis and meningitis? 2nd? Group B Streptococcus. Shows mostly in first 24 hrs. Ecoli
define addiciton person seeks the drug to exp a high, achieve euphoria, escape from reality, satisfy personal need.
what is used in tx of opioid addiction Buprenorphine
what are some hemolytic diseases RhD factor- Rh- mom has Rh+ fetus, dad is Rh+. Mom forms antibodies called maternal sensitization. ABO incompatibilities- fetus A/B/AB adn mom is O bc have anti A/B
What hemolytic disorders can cause jaundice? G6PD Galactosemia: milk intolerant Crigler-Najjar disease: can't breakdown bilirubin hypothyroidism
what is an encephalocele/anencephaly enceph: Herniation of brain/meninges thru skull defect at base of neck Anen: absence of both cerebral hemishpere and overlying skull(death)
what is most common CNS defect spina bifida- failure of neural tube to close
what is choanal atresia, a resp system anamoly bony/membranous septum bn nose adn pharynx. Cyanosis, but pink when cries and breaths thru mouth congenital diaphragmatic hernia: intestines protruding out lungs
what is microcephaly small head
congenital Anomalies Congenital heart disease, abd wall defects, neural tube defects, cleft lip/palate, clubfoot, dysplasia of hip
What is second major cause of death next to prematurity w/in 1st eyar of life? cardiovascular system anomalies
what is omphalocele infant's intestine organs stick out of belly button and covered by layer of tissue
what is imperforate anus rectum is malformed, no out to anus
Name some musculoskeletal anomalies dysplagia, subluxation, clubfoot, polydactyly
Genitourniary system anomalies hypospadias/episadias: opening of penis is below penis ambiguous genitalia: extra genitalia
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