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Vocab 4-27-2012

Science definitions

What is a cell mean? membrane-covered structures that contain all the materials necessary for life
What is a cell membrane mean? a lipid bilayer that encloses a cell
What is a cytoplasm mean? the fluid, membranes, and organelles inside a cell, excluding the nucleus
What is a organelle mean? structures that enable cells to live and reproduce
What is DNA? the genetic material in the body
What is a nucleus? the dense, positively charged reigon in the center of an atom
What is a eukaryote? single-celled or many-celled organims whose cells have a nucleus and organelle surrounded by a membrane
What is a prokaryote? an organism that consists of only one cell that doesn't have a nucleus or any other membrane-covered organelle
What does classification mean? the arranging of things in groups based on their similarities
What is taxonomy? the science of identifying, classifying and naming living things
What is a kingdom? the most general of the seven levels of classification of organisms
What is genus? the level of classification above species; the largest group into which organisms in a family are divided
What is species? the most specific of the seven levels of classification, in sexually reproducing organisms, characterized by a group of organisms that can breed with one another
What is a dichotomous key? a guide made up of pairs of descriptive statements that help to identify an organism
What is Archae-bacteria? have been on Earth for at least 3 billion years
What is Eubacteria? tiny organisms that live almost every place on and near Earth's surface
What is a protista? includes all Eukaryotes that are not plants, animals, or fungi. Scientists think the 1st protistas appeared about 2 million years ago
What is plantae? a classification kingdom made up of plants-complex, many-celled organisms that are usually green and use the Sun's energy to make sugar by photosynthesis
What is fungi? a classification kingdom made up of complex organisms that get food by breaking down dead matter in the surroundings and taking in the nutrients
What is animalia? a classification kingdom made up of complex, many-celled organisms that have no cell walls, are usually able to move about and have nervous systems that help them sense and react to ther surroundings
Created by: come_on_summer