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Science vocabular

Physical models A model that looks, acts, behaves, and is the same size as the real thing
Model A pic or sculpture that represents something in real life that we can't see
Discrepancy The results were in disagreement on the same experiment
Concences An agreement on the results of an experiment
Working Model A model that looks, acts, and behaves in the same ways as the real thing
Black boxes Any system that can't be directly observed and easily understood
Siphon A tube that moves water using gravity and suction
Conceptual model Math, words. or pictures used to represent and explain how something works
Circuit A continual path of electricity
Switch Something that allows a circuit to be easily broken or completed
Collaborate When a group of people shares their ideas and solutions
Engineer Uses scientific knowledge to design useful things
Design The way something is put together
Tension A tightening of something such as string or a rubber band close to it's breaking point
Potential Energy Energy that is available to be released