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Micro 149

Facultative intracellular Salmonella Neisseria Brucella Mycobacterium Listeria Francisella Legionella Yersinia Some nasty bugs may liver facultatively
obligate intracellular Rickettsia Chlaymydia
gram stain limited bugs Treponema (too thin) Ricketsia (intracellular) Mycobacteria (high lipid content cell wall needs acid fast) Mycoplasma (no cell wall) Legionella pneumophilia (intracellular) CHlaymydia (intracellular; lacks muramic acid in cell wall)
Giemsa stain Borellia Plasmodium trypanosome Chlamydia
PAS stains glyocgen, mucopolysaccharides WHipple's disease
Ziehl Neelson acid fast
india ink cryptococcus
silve rstain fungi, Legionella
Charcoal yeast extract agar buffered with cysteine and iron legionella
eaton's agar M. pneumoniae
Lowenstein jensen agar M. tuberculosis
Tellurite plate, Loffler's media C. diphtheriae
Chocolate agar with factors V (NAD) and X (Hematin) H. influenzae
VPN media N. gonorrhae Vancomycin (inhibit gram positive) Polymxin (inhibit gram negative) Nystatin (inhibits fungi)
obligate aerobes Nagging pests must breath Nocardia pseudomonas mycobacterium bacillus
Encapsulated bacteria Some Nasty killers have some capsule protection Salmonella Neisseria Klebsiellar H. influ Strep pneumo cryptococcus pseudomonas
catalase positive bugs Pseudomonas Aspergillus Nocardia Candida Actinomyces and S. aureus Klebsiella E. coli Serratia
urease positive bugs PUNCH -K Proteus ureaplasma Nocardia Cryptococcus H.pylori Klebsiella
M protein group A strep helps prevent phagocytosis
IgA protease enzyme that cleaves IgA. secreted by SHin - S.pneumo, H influenzae type B, neisseria in order to colonize respiratory mucosa
protein A S. aureus binds Fc region of Ig. Prevents obsonization and phagocytosis
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