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Medical Terminolgy

Part 5

Blood Brain Barrier protective mechanism that blocks specific substance form getting into the brain tissue
CNS Brain and spinal cord
Neurilemma formed by Schwann cells and only found on peripheral nervous system
dendr/o tree
encephalo brain
gli glue
knisesio movement
lept thin
lex word
narco numbness
radiculo nerve root
ton tension
algesia pain
asthenia weakness
esthesia feeling
phasia speech
plegia paralysis
taxia order
pachy thic
Agnosia inability to comprehend
ataxia lack of muscle coordination
aura precedes seizures
Guilian Barre Syndrome decreased nerve impuses, loss of relfex, and muscle weakness
herpes zoster shingles
Huntington Chorea inferited disease of CNS, quick involuntary movement
lethargy lack of response to normal stimuli
Myelomeningocele most severe form of spina bifida, spinal cord during birth protrudes throught the spine
paresthesia sensation of numbness
poliomyelitis inflammation of gray matter of the spinal cord cause by a virus
Sciatica serve pain in the leg
syncope temprary loss of consciousness
EEG Electroencephaly Graph, monitors electrical ACTIVITYl in brian
EMG Electromypgraphy, record electrical SIGNALS
Angiography radiography of blood vessels
Cyrosurgery expose tissue to extreem cold to destroy it
Trephination cuts a circular opening in the skull
General act upon the brain to produce complete loss of feeling with loss of consciousness
local acts upon nerves
antoconvulsants prevent seizueres
antiparkinsonian agents increasing dopamine in brain
hypnotics releive anxiety
ADAD Alzeheimer Diesease
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