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Duff 19.1

Duff Chapter 19 - δυναμαι etc. tables on p.201

δυναμαι I am able to
δυνασαι You (s) are able to
δυναται S/he is able to
δυναμεθα We are able to
δυνασθε You (p) are able to
δυνανται They are able to
καθημαι I am sitting
καθησαι You (s) are sitting
καθηται S/he is sitting
καθημεθα We are sitting
καθησθε You (p) are sitting
καθηνται They are sitting
κειμαι I am lying
κεισαι You (s) are lying
κειται S/he is lying
κειμεθα We are lying
κεισθε You (p) are lying
κεινται They are lying
ἐδυναμην I was able to
ἐδυνασο You (s) were able to
ἐδυνατο S/he was able to
ἐδυναμεθα We were able to
ἐδυνασθε You (p) were able to
ἐδυναντο They were able to
ἐκαθημην I was sitting
ἐκαθησο You (s) were sitting
ἐκαθητο They were sitting
ἐκαθημεθα We were sitting
ἐκαθησθε You (p) were sitting
ἐκαθηντο They were sitting
ἐκειμην I was lying
ἐκεισο You (s) were lying
ἐκειτο S/he was lying
ἐκειμεθα We were lying
ἐκεισθε You were lying
ἐκειντο They were lying
δυνασθαι to be able to
καθησθαι to sit
κεισθαι to lie
οἰδα I know
οἰδας You (s) know
οἰδεν S/he knows
οἰδαμεν We know
οἰδατε You (p) know
οἰδασιν They know
ᾐδειν I knew
ᾐδεις You (s) knew
ᾐδει S/he knew
ᾐδειμεν We knew
ᾐδειτε You (p) knew
ᾐδεισαν They knew
εἰδεναι to know
εἰδως knowing (participle)
εἰδον I see
ἰδειν to see
ἰδων seeing (participle)
δυναμενος being able to (participle)
καθημενος sitting (participle)
κειμενος lying (participle)
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