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Level 1 Part 2

LESSON 20: At the Airport

行李 xing li; luggage
托运 tuo yun; to check (luggage)
bao; bag; sack; bundle; package
箱子 xiangzi; suitcase; box
超重 chao zhong; to be overweight (of luggage, freight, etc.)
chao; to exceed; to surpass
登机牌 deng ji pai; boarding pass
pai; plate; tablet; card
登机口 dengjikou; boarding gate
kou; opening; entrance; mouth
ku; to cry; to weep
de (particle to link adverbial and verb)
照顾 zhaogu; to look after; to care for; to attend to (of airplanes) to take off
小心 xiaoxin; to be careful
一路平安 yi lu piang'an; have a good trip; bon voyage
起飞 qifei; (of airplanes) to take off
叔叔 shushu; uncle
阿姨 ayi; aunt
欢迎 huanying; to welcone
shou; thin; slim (usually of a person or animal); lean
爷爷 yeye; paternal grandfather
奶奶 nainai; paternal grandmother
烤鸭 kaoya; roast duck
首都机场 shoudu jichang; the capital airport
Created by: lilyli
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