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G. SG Ch. 17,18,19

What percent of Egypt's people lives on 3% of its land? 90%
The economy of - suffers when oil prices drop. Iran, Saudi Arabia
The Qizilqum and Garagum are both... Deserts
The aswan High Dam prevents - soil from reaching the Nile Delta Alluvial
In the Israeli-Palestinian dispute - is a major environmental issue. Self-rule
The Ottoman Empire ruled - for more than 600 years. Eastern Medditeranean
Limited freshwater resources have forced countries to use the process of... Desalination
The ancient - is the route of a communications superhighway. Silk road
The - has become a series of separate smaller lakes. Aral Sea
The process of removing salt from water is called... Desalination
Only a small percentage of the land is... Water
A general name for the goods produced is: Commodities
- is the organization that controls patroleum prices world wide. OPEC
War has had a negative environmental affect on the: Water
Steppe Second largest climate region. Less than 14" precipitation.
Mediterranean Climate Cool, rainy winters; hot, dry summers. Tigris Euphrates Valley
Desert The largest desert is the Sahara. Covers most of North Africa. 50% of the land.
Highlands Hospital to settlement and farming. Agriculture, Fishing, Livestock.
Oasis Small area in a desert where water and vegitation are foun.
Black Sea Lies to the north of the Sinai Peninsula
Caspian Sea Largest inland body of water. Lower water levels
Aral Sea Healthy fishing community. Dried up becasue of irrigation.
Mediterranean Sea Separates Africa and Europe. Lies to the South of the Sinai Peninsula.
Red Sea inland sea between the Arabian Peninsula, and northeast Asia.
Muslim place of worship Mosque
Movement that includes desire for self-rule. Nationalism
The taming of animals for use by people Domesticate
Language of Iran Persian
Language of Southern Morocco and Algeria Berber
Language of Israel Hebrew
Language of Afghanistan Dari and Pashto
One of the world's largest cotton producers Uzbekstan
Subtropical agricultural region on the Black Sea Georgia
World's largest exporter of phosphate Morocco
Country whose economy thrives on oil production Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait
Country whose GDP is primarily based on service industry Bahrain
Link between the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea Gulf of Oman
Heavily polluted inland sea Caspian Sea
Underground water source Quanats
Sea whose water level is sinking each year Dead Sea
Link between the Gulf of Aqaba and the Red Sea. Strait of Taran
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