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List 9 broski!

What she order? - Trinity's (awesome) latin list!

alicunde, adv for some place or other
astutus,a,um, adj artful, clever
aufero,aferre,abstulti,ablatum to carry away; (idiomatically) to get away with it
coemo,coemere,coemi,coemptum to buy up
complures,complura, adj several, a good many
conducto,conductere,conduxi,conductum to hire
damnum,damni, n. loss, incurred damage
defrudo,defrudare,defraui,defratum to cheat, rob
demum, adv at last, finally
dens,dentis, m. tooth
diuiduus,a,um divisible, divided;half
dubitum,dubiti, n. doubt, question
enumero,enumare,enumaui,enumatum to count out
faeneror,faenerari,faeneratus sum to produce interest, make profit
hinc, adv from here,hence
illinc, adv from that place, thence
inesco,inescare,inescaui,inescatum to bait a trap;entice,deceive
insuper, adv in addition, besides
iuuo,iuuare,iuuaui,iuuatum to help, aid, assist; be pleasing
labasco,labascere to wobble, totter
labefacio,labefacere,labefactum to cause to wobble, loosen
laetus,a,um, adj happy, unfortunate
libet,libere,libuit/libitum est it is pleasing, agreeable
lis,litis, f. lawsuit,legal dispute
memor,memoris, adj mindful,remembering
mercatus,mercatus, m. marketplace
numquid, adv surely not!
nusquam, adv. nowhere, in no place
oppressio,oppressionis, f. force, violence
opprimo,opprinere,oppressi,oppressum to press down
opus est it is necessary, there is need
paulisper, adv. for a little while
pendeo,pendere,pependi to hang from, depend upon
praesentia,praesentiae, f. the present
pretium,praetii, n. price, reward
quiuis,quaeuis,quoduis whoever, whatever
reddo,reddere,redidi,reditum to give back,return
refrigesco,refrigescere,refrixi to cool off, cool down
saltem, adv at least, at all events
scrupulus,scrupuli, m. small sharp stone; hesitation, doubt
sors,sortis, f. principal, a sum of money loaned on which interest is made
tuber,tuberis, n. bump, swell, tumor
ueho,uehere,uexi,uectum to carry, convey
usus,usus, m. use
utut, adv. however
Created by: VeritasLatinIV