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Merchant of Venice

Study Questions: Act 3 Scene 3 - Act 4 Scene 1

What does Shylock warn the jailer not to do? Be sympathetic
Who does Shylock say never had sympathy for him? Antonio
Who does Antonio please for mercy from? Shylock
What does Antonio think Shylock hates him for while he is in prison? loaning money to those who can't afford it
What does Shylock say will happen if the duke does not uphold the contract between Shylock and Antonio? the whole business of trading will suffer
Why does Solanio say the duke will not uphold the law? because it is cruel
What does Lorenzo praise Portia for after Bassanio leaves Belmont? her patience
Why has Bassanio left Portia just after winning the right to marry her? to help Antonio
What does Portia tell Lorenzo she will do to help Bassanio in his quest? pray
Who does Portia leave in charge of her house when she leaves? Lorenzo
What occupation does Portia's cousin hold? lawyer
Where does Portia's cousin live? Padua
What does Launcelot tell Jessica he is worried about for her? She may be damned for betrayal of her father
What is Jessica's response to Launcelot's concern for her? "I will be saved by my husband"
What does Launcelot blame the rise of bacon on? the making of Christians
What does Lorenzo scold Launcelot for while Portia is away from her house? He got someone pregnant
What does Jessica say about Portia when Lorenzo asks her what she thinks of Portia? "She is a blessing"
What does Launcelot do when he leaves the room after being scolded by Lorenzo at Portia's house? He sets the table
Created by: CooperLane