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2 8th Latin List 10

Foreign PhraseEnglish Equivalent
Brachium an arm or homologous structure, as a flipper or wing
Villa a large and luxurious house in the country; a Roman country estate with a substantial house
Excelsior an official, usually periodic, enumeration of a population
Thesis proposition maintained as by a degree candidate, by argument; a hypothetical proposition, especially that for the sake of argument or one to be accepted without proof; a dissertation
Exodus a large-scale departure of people
Oasis fertile or green spot, especially with water in a desert; a shelter from surrounding unpleasantness
Rancor bitter, long-lasting resentment; ill will
Codex a manuscript volume, especially of a classic work or one of the Scriptures; a code of laws
Professor teacher of the highest rank at an institution of higher learning
Curator administrator of an institution, as a museum
Asylum institution for the care of the mentally ill or aged; place that provides protection or safety; refuge
Rigor Mortis muscular stiffening following death
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