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Micro HIV

low grade fevers, cough, hepatosplenomegaly, tongue ulcer histoplasma
fluffy white cottage cheese lesions Candida causes thrush
superficial vascular proliferation bartonella
biopsy reveals neutrophilic inflammation bartonella henselae
chronic watery diarrhea cryptosporodium
acid fast cysts seen in stool esp when CD4 < 200 cryptosporidiium
encephalopathy in HIV JV virus reactivation (cause of PML)
due to reactivation of a latent virus; results in demyelination, CD4 < 200 JC virus reactivation
abscesses in HIV brain toxoplasma gondii
meningitis in HIV cryptococcus (may also cause encephalitis)
india ink stain reveals yeast with narrow based budding and large capsule CD4 < 50 cryptococcus neoformans (may also cause encephalitis)
retinitis in HIV CMV
cotton wool spots on funduscopic exam and may also occur with esophagitis, CD4 < 50 CMV
HIV dementia directly associated with HIV must differentiate from other causes
superficial neoplastic proliferation of vascularture HHV (causes kaposi's sarcoma), do not confused with B. henselae
biopsy reveals lymphocyte inflammation HHV-8 (kaposi's)
hairy leukoplakia EBV
often on lateral tongue of HIV EBV
non hodgkin's lymphoma (large cell type) EBV often on oropharynx (waldeyer's ring)
squamous cell carcinoma HPV often in anus (MSM) cervix (females)
primary CNS lymphoma EBV focal or multiple differentiate from toxo
interstitial pneumonia CMV
biopsy reveals cells with intranuclear (owl eye) inclusion bodies CMV
invasive aspergillosis Aspergillus
pleuritc pain, hemoptysis, infiltrates on imaging aspergillus
peumonia in HIV esp with CD4 <200 PCP
TB like disease esp with CD4 < 50 MAI
oval yeast cells within macrophages CD4 <100 HIstoplasma
pseudohyphae, commonly oral if CD4 < 400 esphageal if CD4 < 100 Candida
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