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Soph. ACT words 1-15

temper to moderate, to soften
sage wise person
sagacious wise
lethargic tired, languid, weak
mitigate to make milder, less severe
jeopardy danger
orthodox standard, commonly accepted, conventional
taciturn quiet, saying little
dogmatic strongly opinionated
extraneous irrelevant, extra, unnecessary
meander to wander randomly
insipid bland, boring, tasteless
fickle unpredictable, capricious, whimsical, changeable
scrutinize to examine closely
innocuous harmless
blasphemy heretical departure from accepted practice or belief
esoteric understood by only a few
pretentious pompous, self-important, intending to seem impressive
ameliorate to make feel better; to improve
avarice greed
blithe free-spirited, carefree
hedonistic pleasure-seeking, indulgent, devoted to pleasure
slander to defame, to speak maliciously of someone
amass to accumulate; to pile up
fortuitous accidental happening by chance or luck
hackneyed overused, trite, banal, repeated too often
Created by: Jcandy