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ransom ch 2 question

ransom ch 2 life sci questions

what are the six characteristics of living things? living things have cells, sense and respond to change, reproduce, have DNA, use energy, grow and develop
what are some stimuli in your environment and how do you respond? stimuli examples: use your senses to smell, taste, touch, hear and look at things!
what's the difference between growth and development growth is an increase in size while development is the change in form.
what are the four necessities of life? food, water, air and a place to live
give an example of a producer, consumer and decomposer. producer: any plant; consumer: any animal; decomposer: fungi.
what factors affect where a plant or animal lives? Hint: think of a camel and polar bear competition with other organisms for basic needs and the availability of food and water
the cells of all living organisms are approximately what percent of water? 70%
carbohydrates are made up of_______ sugars
when an organism needs energy, its cells break down ___________ to release energy carbohydrates
starch is a type of carbohydrate that comes from __________ plants
carbohydrates and ___________ store energy. lipids
DNA is a ___________ acid nucleic
what contains all the information needed for a cell to make all of its proteins? DNA
what do carbhydrates, fats, and oils have in common? they all store energy.
name two functions of lipids storing energy and forming the cell membrane
when some worms are cut in half, each develops into a whole worm. this is an example of what? asexual reproduction
cells do NOT use ________for energy storage. nucleic acids
Created by: kara713