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Astragalus -Used to boost immune system. -Study of mice with tumors showed drop in tumor size and cell count. -Potentiates effects of diuretics, phenobarbital, beta-blockers, and anticoagulants.
Bilberry -Help the peripheral circulatory system by improving s/s of imparied peripheral blood flow. -May exacerbate anticoagulation, and antidiabetic meds= hypoglycemia. -First came to attention during WWII, pilots' night vision improved.
Black Cohosh (Climicifuga Racemosa) -Used for tx s/s of menopause. -Potentiate the hypotensive effects of antihypertensives, and the hypoglycemic effects of insulin and oral hypoglycemics. -If aspirin taken daily, don't mix with this.
Black Pepper and Cayenne Pepper -Black pepper, used for digestion problems. -Cayenne pepper promotes increased blood flow to hands, feet, and central organs. -Black pepper increases absorption of many drugs: dilantin,propanolol,rifampin,theophylline.
Cardamom -Spice -Digestion -Aroma
Cats Claw -Helps promote a strong immune system and decreases inflammaion. -Has been used a a contraceptive and to terminate pregnancy. -2 types: each contains a different type of oxindole alkaloid, one pentacyclic and the other tetracyclic.
Cinnamon -Used for type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. -AE: Increased HR a result of adults ingesting a large amount.In children, can cause cinnamon poisioning. -Anit-coagulant properties and can thin the blood. Watch when taking with blood thinners.
Co-Enzyme Q10 -Low doses may improve muscle injury caused by Statin use. -Co-Enzyme Q10 structurally similar to K2, therefore it may antagonize the effects of Warfarin. -May interfere wit the body's insulin requirements in diabetics.
Dandelion Root -Works on the liver and gallbladder to help remove waste products. -Tea can cause diarrhea initially. -Meds (Tylenol, Ativan, and Valium) which are broken down in the liver,could work less with the use of this herb. Increases breakdown of meds in liver.
Echinacea -Commonly used to tx infections. -Discovered by Native Americans as a remedy for sore throat,toothache, and snake bite. -May exacerbate autoimmune disease.
Elderberry -May act as a laxative and/or diuretic. Can increase effect of diuretics, and diabetes meds. -Should never be given to ped pts. -Pregnant and breast feeding women shouldn't take this.
Fennel Seeds -Remedy for bed wetting. -Can cause a pt's skin to be very sensitive to sunlight and cause severe sunburn. -If pt has breast or ovarian CA, or endometriosis, then this can act like estrogen and cause s/s or conditions to become worse.
Fenugreek -Lowers cholesterol. -Lowers blood sugar in diabetes. -Inhibits liver CA and stimulates uterine contractions.
Feverfew -Used to prevent and relieve migraines. -Used for infertility in men and women. -Eating or chewing the fresh leaves results in canker sores, loss of taste, and swelling of the lips and tongue.
Flaxseed -Most commonly used as a bulk laxative. -May lower blood glucose levels. -Poisonous if unripe or raw when eaten.
Garlic -Proven to kill bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and viruses -Bleeding when used with other antiplatelet agents: potentiates antidiabetic drugs;avoid before surgery -Don't take without consulting a doctor if you have a bleeding/clotting disorder, or diabetes
Ginger Root (Zingiber Officinale) -May be used for diarrhea, stomach aches, and nausea. -SE: gas, bloating, heartburn, nausea. -May increase the effects of Warfarin or aspirin.
Ginkgo Biloba -Popular for improving memory. -AE: altered equilibrium that can be reduced by gradually increasing the dosage when necessary. -Other name= fossil tree
Ginseng -Used to counteract stress. -Can lower blood alcohol levels. -Commonly found in dietary supplements containing multiple ingredients.
Glucosamine -Used to tx arthritis, most commonly OA of the knees, hips, wrists. -Some made from shellfish, possible allergic reaction. -Closely monitor blood glucose levels, may increase.
Godenseal -May increase Digoxin levels. -Believed that this drug can give a false negative urine drug screen. -Other name = yellow root.
Green Tea -Used to prevent and tx certain types of CA. Bladder, breast, skin, and stomach. -Caution for pt's on long-term anticoagulant therapy, vit K present in herb can decrease effectiveness. -Caution with meds that dilate veins.
Hawthron Berry -Drug Interactions: meds for male sexual dysfunction(phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors) -Known as "mother of the heart" dilates blood vessels, esp coronary vessels, reducing peripheral resistance=lower blood pressure. -Safe Dose: 160-1800mg/day for 3-24 wk
Horny Goat Weed -Used most commonly for sexual functioning, acts on androgen. -Acts by rising nitric oxide levels(relaxes smooth muscle=blood perfusion) -AE: breathing difficulties and muscle spasms.
Horse Chestnut -Used for venous insufficiency issues like varicose veins. -Tree and all its contents contain esculin which can be fatal if eaten before processed. -A latex allergy= high risk of allergic reaction to horse chestnut.
Lemon Balm -Used as a nerve relaxant. -Effective in herpes simplex lesions. -inhibits the effects of thyroid stimulating hormone.
Licorice -anti-inflammation. -AE: High blood pressure. -Drug interactions: Aces, diuretics, digoxin
Milt Thistle -For tx of liver and gallbladder disorders. -Women use cautiously if breast CA, uterine CA, Ovarian CA, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids. Acts like estrogen and makes worse. -Can increase effects of meds that are broken down by the liver.
Pomegranate -Most known as a anthelmintic for tapeworm infestation. -Can lower LDLs and prevent arteriosclerosis and heart disease, and keep carotid arteries clear from buildup. -AE: rind, bark, and roots high in pelletierene alkaloids that could become poisonous
Probiotics -Replaces good bacteria in the intestine after antibiotic use. -AE: Gas -Check for a weak immune system or anything affecting immunity including AIDS or recent organ transplant before therapy.
Psyllium -laxatives and anti-diarrheal -Must be taken with a full glass of water or other liquid (8oz,240ml) so that it won't swell in throat. -Stimulates lower pelvis, pregnant women shouldn't take it.
Red Yeast Rice -In healthy people used to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. -Pts need liver test done periodically, can cause liver damage. -Highly effective and reduce cholesterol levels up to 15%.
Royal Jelly -Secreted from young worker bees and then fed to the larva produced by queen bee. -prevents or treats vascular diseases, esp hardening of the arteries and various other conditions assoc with aging. -AE: mostly pertaining to allergic reactions and asthma
St. John's Wort -Used as antidepressant for mild-mod symptoms. -Best to take in morning so that it doesn't affect sleep. -D/C 2 wks prior to surgery.
Saw Palmetto -Approved to tx Stage I and II urinary problems of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) -Pt receives 320mg/day(can be 160 BID) -Causes cyclooxygenase and platelet inhibition, so caution with warfarin= increased bleeding risk.
Slippery Elm -Coats digestive tract.(inhibit absorption) -Inform pts to take 2hrs before or after other meds or herbs. -Bark is dried then powdered.
Turmeric -Helps with pain and inflammation assoc with rheumatoid arthritis. -Supports heart and blood vessel health by reducing harmful cholesterol levels. -Teach pt that if gallstones have developed, don't treat with turmeric.
Valerian Root -Used as a sedative to promote sleep and reduce anxiety-assoc restlessness -Stop 2 wks before surgery since it can prolong sedation. -Used as a tranquilizer throughout WWII.
Yohimbe -Effective for erectile dysfuntion and sexual performance assoc with SSRI's.(increases blood flow to genital area) -AE:kidney failure,seizure,heart attack. -Narcan increases the chance of side effects such as anxiety, nervousness,trembling,hot flashes
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