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MP4 Aeneid

excudo, -ere, excudi, excusus to fashion
equidem indeed
meatus, -us, m. path
silex, -icis, f. stone
cautes, -is, f. rock
sermo, sermonis, m. sermon, speech
vultus, vultus, m. face, feature
sprio, -are to breathe
eques, -it is, m. knight
sisto, -ere, steti, stratus to stand
subicio, -ere, -ieci, -iectus to vanquish
an(ne) whether
luctus, -us, m. sorrow
frons, frontis, f. forehead
superemineo, -ere to tower over
sterno, -ere, stravi, stratus to slay
comitor, -ari to attend, follow
fulgeo, -ere, fulsi, fulsum to gleam
strepitus, -us, m. noise
alumnus, -i child
priscus, -a, -um ancient
propago, -inis, f. offspring
avus, -i grandfather, ancestor
quantus, -a, -um how, as
quisquam, quaequam, quidquam any(one)
sino, -ere, sivi, situs to allow
tumulus, -i mound, tomb
aer, aeris, m. mist, air
obvius meeting +dative
calcar, -is, n. spur
armus, -i shoulder
flos, floris, m. flower
fodio, -ere, fodi, fosus to pierce
fungor, -i, functus to perform (dative)
latus, -a, -um broad
miseror, -ari to pity
pedes, -it is, m. foot
saltem adv. at least
sive, seu or if
spargo, spargere, sparsi, sparsum to sprinkle
eburnus, -a, -umh ivory
mitto, -ere, misi, missum to send
seco, -are to cut
ancora, -ae anchor
prora, -ae prow, ship
Pallas, Pallantis m. Pallas
inermus, -a, -um unarmed
libro, -are to balance
quercus, -us f. oak tree
missilis, -e thrown
tego, tegere, texi, tectum to cover, protect
acies, ei f. point, battle line
caedes, -is f. slaughter
imperditus, -a, -um not destroyed
insto, -are, institi, instaurus to pursue
aetas, aetatis, f. age, period
mox adv. soon
egregius, -a, -um outstanding
discrepo, -are, -ui, -avi to disagree
minae, -arum threats
praecordia, -orum heart
proelium, -i battle
trux, trucis wild
uterque each
advena, -ae stranger
meta, -ae turning-point
opus, operis, n. work
num whether
tegmen, -inis, n. protection
praefigo, -ere, fixi, -ixus to point
vagina, -ae scabbard, sword sheath
lorica, -ae cuirass
pellis, -is, f. skin
balteus, -i baldric, super sassy man-sash
scutum, -i shield
decet, -ere, decuit it is fitting
fulvus, -a, -um golden
haereo, -ere, haesi, haesum to cling to
bulla, -ae stud
exosus, -a, -um hating
Created by: bghicondey