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Week 2 Science words

What is the Atmosphere? the air that surrounds the Earth.
What is Air Pressure? the forse put on a given area by the weight of air above it.
How can fog be dense? Really thick, and hard to see. Can be dangerous to drive.
What does dense mean? to crowd together, hard to penetrate. Usually thought of as THICK instead of hollow.
What does Humidity mean? the amout of water vapor or moisture in the air. Typically making it feel warmer.
Why does your hair get frizzy? Because its HUMID!
What is wind? Moving air , eseciallty a natural movment of air parallel to or along the ground.
What are the different types of winds? Trade- warm winds near to equator Local- moving in a smaller area's Global-moving around the earth. Easier to predict.
Whats a drianage basin? a system of rivers and streams that drians in an area like the Colorado Plateau or Falls Lake.
What happens when you climb higher up a mountain? It gets colder because of elevation. There are no tree's to block the wind. And its less dense air.
What is the definition of Elevation? a vertical distance , or heigh above sea level.
Flood Plain? land that is likley to be underwater during a flood. Typically flat on the edge of a body of water.
What is deforestation? Removing trees from a forest through by clear cutting.
Created by: graewynne