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NG Tube

Insertion of NG tube

Check the Order & gather supplies (including a glass of water and straw)
Identify the Patient with 2 identifiers
Explain the procedure to the patient
Wash hands
Provide Privacy
Place the client in the High Fowlers position and raise the bed to a comfortable working level.
Determine the length of the tubing by measuring from the back of the ear to the tip of the nose, and to the xyphoid process. Mark the spot with a piece of tape.
Squeeze out the lube into the basin
Place absorptive pad on the clients chest & place a basin near the patient as well, incase they get sick.
Don gloves
Hand the patient the glass of water and explain to them it will help to ease the tube down into the stomach.
Lubricate the tip of the tubing and gently insert into the nostril advancing the tubing to the posterior pharynx.
Have the client tilt forward, take a deep breath and have them drink the water slowly, advance the tube, until the marked portion is reached.
Apirate the gastric contents about 20 mls, and check the pH level. If its less than 5, it is in the stomach. (it will be red)
Tape the tube to the clients nose and measure the remaining distance of the tube.
Anchor the tubing to the clients gown, and then this is when you would begin suctioning.
Discard of all supplies and gloves.
Check the patient's pain level and make sure they are comfortable
Lower the bed and raise the side rail
Make sure the call bell is within reach.
Wash hands.
document the procedure. Note the color, pH, patients response, length of tube remaining
Created by: jessicaspring