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Cleaning Trach

Tracheostomy Care-NUR 104

Check the order & gather supplies.
Identify the patient x 2
Wash Hands
Provide Privacy
Place the patient in the semi-fowlers position & raise the bed to a comfortable working postion.
Explain the procedure to the patient.
Unscrew the Saline and Hydrogen peroxide.
Open trach care kit and put on one sterile glove.
With the gloved hand, seperate the basins, with the ungloved hand, pour the saline into the basin.
Don second sterile glove
Secure the outer cannula neck plate with non dominant hand, and unlock the inner cannula and remove.
Place the inner cannula in the hydrogen peroxide. Cleanse the inside of the cannula with the pipe cleaners and once clean place it in the saline solution and vigorously shake it to cleanse it.
Remove the cannula from the saline and tap to remove the excess saline. Replace the inner cannula carefully, until it locks.
Remove the old dressing, and cleanse around the site with a Q-tip dipped in saline. Clean the area by wiping one time in a downward motion, away from the site. Repeat with new Q-tips.
Reapply a new dressing.
Take the new straps and insert one end into one side of the neck plate, pull through to double it up, wrap around the patients neck and tie on the other side. Remove the old ties and discard.
Check the patients pain level and make sure they are comfortable.
Lower the bed, up the bed rails.
Discard supplies and wash hands.
Document the procedure. (Time, date, patients response, etc.)
Created by: jessicaspring