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Trach Suctioning

SuctioningTracheostomy- NUR 104- Practicum

Check the Order & gather supplies.
Identify the patient x 2
Wash Hands
Explain the procedure to the patient
Provide Privacy
Place patient in Semi Fowlers position & raise bed to a comfortable working position.
Turn on Suction (100-120mm Hg) & place the suction tube on the bed.
Remove the cap from the Saline Bottle
Open catheter kit using the wrapper as the sterile field
Carefully open the pop up container and fill with saline
Administer O2 for 1 minute
Don sterile gloves
Holding the catheter connecting end with dominant (sterile hand), attach the suction tubing held with the non dominant hand (no longer sterile now)
Lubricate sterile catheter tip by dipping it into the cup with sterile normal saline
Using dominat hand (sterile) insert the catheter into the tracheostomy without applying suction.
Advance catheter quickly 1-2 cm beyond the end of the trach tube until resistance is felt, or client coughs
Suction intermittenly by placing and releasing no dominant thumb over catheter suction port while withdrawing catheter using a rotating motion.
Remove the suction tube, apply O2 for 1 minute. Flush suction tubing in the saline and repeat process. Do not repeat more than 3 times
Check the patient's pain level, make sure they are comfortable
Lower the bed & raise the rails
Call bell in reach
Dispose of supplies
Wash Hands
Document the procedure. (Time, date, patients response, etc.)
Created by: jessicaspring