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Jerome Greek/Latin

Master List Greek/Latin Roots (Greek? Latin Root+Meaning+Modern Words)

Greek/Latin RootMeaningModern Word(s)
ago, acta do, things done agent, enact, transact
anthropos man, human being anthropology, misanthrope
ars art artist, artifact
brevis short brevity, abbreviate
canto sing chant, cantor
caput head captain, decapitate
clino to lean, bend incline, decline
cognito know cognizant, recognize
copia plenty copy, copious
credo believe credible, incredulous
culpa blame culpable, culprit
dominus a lord, master dominate, dominion
duco lead abduct, introduce
fido to trust, believe confide, infidel
fundo, fusum pour, thing poured effusive, transfusion
genus kind, origin generic, congenital
holos whole holistic, catholic
jungo join junction, conjugal
lego, lectum read, thing read intellect, legible
locus a place local, dislocate
loquor speak eloquent, loquacious
medius middle mediate, mediocrity
missio a sending emissary, mission
morior die mortal
nego deny negate
nihil nothing nihilism, annihilate
occido kill homicide, suicide
pathos suffering, feeling sympathy, apathy
pendo weigh, hang depend, pendant
per through perceive, persist, persevere
phobos fear phobia, claustrophobia
plenus full plenty, plenary
porto carry transport, export
positum placed position, opposite
possum be able possible, potent
pugno to fight impugn, pugnacious
punctum point punctual, punctuation
rego to rule regular, regency
sanguis blood sanguine
satis enough satisfy
scio know science, conscious
solus alone solo, desolate
sonus a sound unison, consonant
sophos wise philosophy, sophomore
spiritus breath inspire, spirit
totus whole totalitarianism
tractum drawn, pulled distract, tractor
usus use abuse, utensil
vacuus empty evacuate, vacuum
verbum word verbal
verto turn avert, convert, anniversary
via way, road deviate, viaduct
aequus equal equal, equation
Created by: ecl1213
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