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IM med admin

IM medication administration- NUR 104

Check the Order
Determine if the patient has any allergies to the medication
Identify the client by 2 identifiers
Check the 6 rights. Right Patient, Right medication, Right dose, Right route, Right frequency, Document
Explain the procedure to the patient
Wash hands and don gloves
Select the desired needle by length, gauge, & mLs
Cleanse the vial
Make sure to match the medication to the patient 3 times
open the needle, remove and discard the cap, aspirate air into the needle
Inject the air into the vial and invert the vial, withdraw slightly more than desired amount
Flick the syringe to clear any air bubbles and adjust to the desired measurement
Cleanse the area for injection in a circular motion from the inside, outward and allow to dry
Bunch the skin and inject at a 90 degree angle (like a dart)
Aspirate, if there is no blood, inject slowly. If blood does come into the syringe, remove the needle and start all over from the beginning.
Place the gauze and bandaid on the site
Discard the needle (DO NOT RECAP!!!!)
Document the medication administered, the amount, the site of administration, the date and the time, include your initials.
Created by: jessicaspring