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Ocean test

What will happen to a seamount if it breaks the water surface? If a seamount breaks the water surface it will turn into a volcanic island.
What was the name of the place where are of the continents formed one whole landmass? Pangea is the landmass that was formed into one big landmass.
Name the 5 oceans by decreasing size. Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, Artic.
What does the Pacific do with it's size each year? Each year the Pacific Ocean decreases in size.
How did the salt in the ocean get there? The salt got there from dissolved minerals laying around being picked up by rivers and streams.
How does sonar work to study the ocean? Sonar works by sending out sound waves across the ocean floor.
What are the three ways that you can study the ocean? You can study the ocean by sonar, satellite, or geostat.
What is the gently sloped area attached to a continent? The area is called the continent shelf.
What is the name of the body of water that is known for it's high salinity? The dead is known for it's high salinity.
What are plates at mid-ocean ridges? They are called mountain ranges rift valleys.
What are plates in ocean trenches? Huge cracks in the ocean basin.
What is the new ocean floor called? They are called mid-ocean ridges.
What are old ocean floors called? They are called trenches.
What are plankton? Plankton are microscopic organisms in the ocean and sea.
What are nekton? Neketon are organisms that swim freely in the ocean and sea.
What are producers? Producers are living things that make their own food from sunlight.
What are consumers? Consumers are living things that eat other things.
What are some examples of plankton? Some examples are shrimp and krill.
What are some examples of nekton? Some examples are whales and seahorses.
Created by: Trevor Deese