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example of a producer! reed
salinity is: the amt of salt in a ___ space of water
pre-cations of fishing are that: you can over fish!
how many oceans are there? 5
in what direction does a arrow on a food web go? weak to amazing
an example of a food web arrow is: fish------------->bird
coral reefs come from not just any coral, it comes fro the _______ kind! (your trying to find what ____ means) DEAD
what kind of thing-y is a microscopic one? Plankton!
what kind of thing-y swims about? the nekton!
what are the things that live at the bottom of the ocean? Benthos!
example of Plankton: Jelly fish!
example of Nekton: Shark!
example of Benthos: the fish that glows
what ocean grows every year? Atlantic!
what ocean shrinks every year? Pacific!
what was the name of the land part of the Earth at, well somepoint along time ago! Pangea
Tidal energy is pretty cool, what does it need to work though? it needs a shallow channel area
what is an estuary? it is an area where a river and the ocean meets!
what evaprates the ocean on a DAY-ly basis? the sun!
do you like to eat icecream? (that wasn't the question) what is in this food (normally)? seaweed!
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