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5 oceans by decreasing size Pacific, Atlantic Indian, Arctic, Southern
Salt in the ocean came from minerals pushed in the ocean from rivers and lakes
Describe pressure as you go down deep the pressure increases
the Atlantic gets bigger or smaller every year bigger
all continents were a landmass called Pangaea
Plates at the mid-ocean ridges are diverging
Plates at the ocean trenches are Convergent
Coral reefs are formed from what dead animal skins
New ocean floor is created at the mid ocean ridges
Non point examples are ozone layer, haze
Sea weed is used thicken food
deepest part of the ocean miriana trench
A sea mount will become a what if if breaks to the surface volcano
ocean floor is destroyed at trenches
plankton are what Drifters
what way does the food chain go producer to consumer
Why are dry areas saltier than others the water evaporates
# of dissolved salt in liquid 30.6%
Sonar works because Sound waves bounce off of things
Sloping area attached to a continent is the continental shelf
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