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Understanding nutrition matching vit minerals wksht

List the trace minerals Iron Zinc Iodine Selenium Copper Flouride Chromium
List the Major Minerals Sodium Chloride Calcium Potassium Phosphorus Magnesium Sulfate
Magnesium- Major or Trace? Major
Iron- Major or Trace? Trace
Potassium- Major or Trace? Major
Zinc- Major or Trace? Trace
Calcium- Major or Trace? Major
Phosphorus- Major or Trace? Major
Iodine- Major or Trace? Trace
Selenium- Major or Trace? Trace
Chloride- Major or Trace? Major
Sodium- Major or Trace? Major
Copper- Major or Trace? Trace
Flouride- Major or Trace? Trace
Sulfate- Major or Trace? Major
Chromium- Major or Trace? Trace
Sodium Function Maintains normal fluid and electrolyte balance; nerve impulse transmission & muscle contraction
Sodium Daily Needs Adults: 1500mg/day(19-50); 100mg/day (31-70); 1200mg/day(>70)
Sodium Toxicity Symptoms Edema, acute hypertension
Sodium Food Sources Table salt; soy sauce; processed foods
Sodium Excess Amounts UL: 2300 mg/day
Sodium Deficiency Muscle cramps, mental apathy, loss of appetite; *Hyponatremia in athletes
Chloride Function Maintains normal fluid and electrolyte balance; proper digestion
Chloride Daily Needs Adults: 2300mg/ day (19-50; 2000mg/day (51-70); 1800 mg/ day (>70)
Chloride Toxicity Symptoms Vomiting
Chloride Food Sources Table salt; soy sauce; processed foods
Chloride Excess Amounts UL: 3600mg/ day
Chloride Deficiency Rare
Potassium Function Maintains normal fluid and electrolyte balance; cell integrity
Potassium Daily Needs Adults: 4700 mg/day
Potassium Toxicity Symptoms Muscle weakness; vomiting; stops heart if given in the vein.
Potassium Food Sources Meats, fresh fruits and veggies; grains; legumes
Potassium Excess Amounts None set
Potassium Deficiency Irregular heartrate, muscle weakness, glucose intolerance
Calcium Function Healthy bones & teeth; nerve functioning; blood pressure; etc.
Calcium Daily Needs AI: 1000mg/day (19-5); 1200 mg/ day (>51)
Calcium Toxicity Symptoms Constipation; kidney dysfunction
Calcium Food Sources Milk and milk products; sardines; certain green veggies
Calcium Excess Amounts UL: 2500mg/day
Calcium Deficiency Stunted growth in children; bone loss in adults
Phosphorus Function Part of every cell; genetic material; maintain acid-base balance
Phosphorus Daily Needs 700mg/ day
Phosphorus Toxicity Symptoms Calcification in the kidneys
Phosphorus Food Sources Liver; sunflower seeds; animal products
Phosphorus Excess Amounts UL: 4000mg/ day (19-70)
Phosphorus Deficiency Muscle weakness; bone pain
Magnesium Function Healthy bones; building protein; functioning of immune system
Magnesium Daily Needs Men: 400mg/ day (19-30), Women:310mg/day (19-30)
Magnesium Toxicity Symptoms Supplements: diarrhea; alkalosis; dehydration
Magnesium Food Sources Nuts, legumes, seafood
Magnesium Excess Amounts UL: 350mg/day (supplements)
Magnesium Deficiency Weakness; confusion
Sulfate Function Stabilizes shape of proteins
Sulfate Daily Needs No RDA because needs are met through protein
Sulfate Toxicity Symptoms Excess of sulfur containing amino acids may suppress growth
Sulfate Food Sources Meat,fish, poultry, eggs, milk, legumes
Sulfate Excess Amounts N/ A
Sulfate Deficiency None known
Iron Function Carries oxygen in the blood; makes oxygen avilable for muscles; energy metabolism
Iron Daily Needs Men: 18mg/ day (19-50)/ Women: 8mg/day (51+)
Iron Toxicity Symptoms GI distress/ Iron overload (fatigue, joint pain, organ damage)
Iron Food Sources Red meats, fish, poultry, dried fruits, etc.
Iron Excess Amounts UL: 45mg/day
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Zinc Function Asociated w/ insulin; making of genetic material; taste perception; transports vit. A; makes sperm; etc.
Zinc Daily Needs Men: 11 mg/ day; Women: 8 mg/day
Zinc Toxicity Symptoms Loss of appetite; impaired immunity, etc.
Zinc Food Sources Red meat, shellfish, whole grains, fortified cereals
Zinc Excess Amounts UL: 40 mg/day
Zinc Deficiency Growth retardation, delayed sexual maturation, hair loss, etc.
Iodine Function Thyroid hormones that help regulate growth, development, and metabolic rate
Iodine Daily Needs 150 micrograms/ day
Iodine Toxicity Symptoms Underactive thyroid, goiter, etc.
Iodine Food Sources Iodized salt, seafood, bread, etc.
Iodine Excess Amounts UL: 1100 mg/ day
Iodine Deficiency Simple goiter
Selenium Function Defends against oxidation; regulates thyroid hormone
Selenium Daily Needs 55 micrograms/ day
Selenium Toxicity Symptoms Lost and brittle hair & nails, skin rash, fatigue, etc.
Selenium Food Sources Seafood, meat, whole grains, etc.
Selenium Excess Amounts UL: 400 micograms/ day
Selenium Deficiency Predisposition to heart disease
Copper Function Necessary for the absorption and use of iron, part of several enzymes
Copper Daily Needs 900 micrograms/ day
Copper Toxicity Symptoms Liver damage
Copper Food Sources Seafood, nuts, whole grains, seeds,etc.
Copper Excess Amounts UL: 10 mg/day
Copper Deficiency Anemia, bone abnormalties
Fluoride Function Healthy bones and teeth
Fluoride Daily Needs Men: 4 mg/ day Women: 3 mg/ day
Fluoride Toxicity Symptoms Pitting and discoloration of teeth (fluorosis)
Fluoride Food Sources floridated drinking water, tea, seafood
Fluoride Excess Amounts UL: 10 mg/ day
Fluoride Deficiency Tooth decay
Chromium Function Enhances insulin action; improve glucose tolerance
Chromium Daily Needs Men: 35 micrograms/ day Women: 25 micrograms/ day
Chromium Toxicity Symptoms None
Chromium Food Sources Unrefined foods, liver, whole grains
Chromium Excess Amounts N/A
Chromium Deficiency Diabetes like condition
Created by: hkrawietz