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Chapter3 Ocean

Chapter 3. Ocean Test Flashcards

Name 5 oceans by decreasing size Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, Arctic
All the continents once formed a giant landmass called ______ Pangea *Continental Drift*
What happens to the Atlantic Ocean each year? Gets Wider
What happens to the Pacific Ocean each year? Becomes smaller
What is the ocean water's most abundant salt? Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
What measures the amount of dissolved salt in a liquid? Salinity
A body of water for its high salinity is ____ The dead sea
Where does the salt in the ocean come from? Rivers and streams that carry the dissolved minerals to the ocean.
How does the pressure change as you go deeper in the ocean? It increases
Why do hot, dry coastal waters have a higher salinity than cool, humid climates? Heat increases the evaporation rate. Evaporation removes but leaves salts & other solids.
How does ocean temperature change with depth? Surface zone- warmest & temp stays about the same; Thermocline- temp drops quickly; Deep- coldest & only changes a small amount
What causes water to evaporate from the ocean? Sun
How does the ocean help regulate temperatures in the atmosphere? Absorbs & hold energy from sunlight
What are 3 methods for studying the ocean floor? SONAR, Satellites, & Underwater vessels
SONAR works by ________ Sound waves bouncing off the ocean floor
The gently sloping area attached to a continent is the ________ Continental shelf
The steeply sloping are between the continental shelf and the ocean floor is the _________ Continental slope
An underwater mountain formed by volcanoes is a _________ Seamount
Deep, flat areas of the ocean floor are called _________ Abyssal Plain
Plates at mid-ocean ridges are _____ Moving apart *DIVERGENT BOUNDARY*
Plates at ocean trenches are _______ Colliding & 1 is pushed below the other *CONVERGENT*
New ocean floor is created at ________ Mid-ocean ridges
Old ocean floor is destroyed at ________ Trenches
What will a seamount become if it breaks the water's surface? A volcanic island
What is the deepest known spot on the ocean floor? Mariana's trench *CHALLENGER DEEP*
What is plankton? Organism that float or drift freely near the oceans surface. *Krill, diatoms, eggs, larvae*
What is Nekton? Organism that swim actively in open ocean *Whales, sharks, dolphins, fish, ect.*
What are Benthos? Organisms that live on or in the ocean floor *Crabs, coral, eel grass, starfish, anemones*
What is a producer? It makes its own food (photosynthesis)
What is a consumer? Something that eats other organisms
What direction should the arrows in a food web or chain point? Point up because of what it's eaten by
What's an estuary? Something that forms where rivers run into oceans
What is water in an estuary? Brackish, meaning it is partially salty and partially fresh.
What do coral reefs form from? The skeletons of dead coral
What are 2 examples of problems or concerns about living ocean resources? Overfishing & Drift nets
What is seaweed used for? To thicken food
What is desalination? Process of removing salt from sea water
What is tidal energy? Energy generated from the movement of tides and can only be used where coastlines are shallow & have a channel
What is a nonpoint-source pollution? Many sources from different sites
What is a point source pollution? Comes from 1 site
Created by: F__Kennedy