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Peds-Mental Health

Study tool for Peds-Mental Health

Use of hand puppets, puppet shows, or dramas to enable children to act out problems and solutions. Also includes “Dress up” with box of clothes. Dramatic play
Risk for abuse is higher with children with __________________________ behavioral or developmental problems
Increases blood flow and improves behavior for children with ADHD. Ritalin (methylphenidate hydrochloride)
What disorder involves distortions in development of social, interpersonal, and language skills that include perception, motor movement, attention, and reality testing. Autistic disorder
Meds used in children with: ADHD/autistic disorder/conduct disorder/anxiety disorder/depressive disorders SSRI's
Children with conduct disorder have _____ self-esteem and tolerance for ____________. low; frustration
Usu observed after 2 years old/mild mental retardation/no significant delays in cog/lang dev or self-help skills/severe/sustained impairment in social interactions/more noticeable when child enters school/restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior in int Asperger's Syndrome
Provides information about the child’s current maturational level, which, when compared with the chronological age, identifies developmental lags and deficits. Developmental assessment
Recent research has shown that for a small number of patients with Tourette's syndrome who prove resistant to the motor medications, injections of ____________ might be useful. botulinum toxin
Demonstrated by failure to listen. Inattention