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words and sentences

vitrum glass
dormiens sleeping
interrogare to question
capillis hair
ornatas decorated
infirmus weak
ala wings
sapiens wise
scelestos wicked
expellere to throw out
sudare to sweat
dentes ivory
recta straight
mysteria secret worship
temptare to try
patera bowl
merce goods
frangentes breaking
rasit scratch
valvae doors
operae hired thugs
audax bold
scriptor writer
indentes burning
situs site
officina workshop
Clemens mox tabernam suam renovavit Clemens was soon repairing his shop
sunt multae operae in illa parte urbis there are many hired thugs in that part of the city
tabernarius perterritus nomina dare noluit the terrified storekeeper was not willing to give the name
iste Clemens molestissimus est that Clemens is troublesome
fortuna semper ei favet fortune always favors him
quid significat hoc verbum what does this word mean
melius est tibi fugere inquit Clemens it would be better for you to run away said Clemens
Created by: bearded bob