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Medical Terminolgy

Part 4

crin/o secrete
dipsia thrist
gen forming
eu good
acromegaly enlargment of face
diuresis increased secretion of urine
Glysocuria Glucose in the urine
Graves Disease enlarged throid gland
hirsutism excessive body hair
Insulinoma tumor of the islets of Langerhans
Pheochromocytoma small chromaffin cell tumor
Virile masculine characteristics of a man
Virilism development of male characteristics in women
exophthalmometry measures the degree of forward displacemnt of the eyeball, seen in Graves Disease
Protein Bound Iodine thyroxine in a blood sample
Microneurosurgery of the Pituritary Gland Microdissection of a tumor using binocular surgical microscope for magnification
Antiduretics control extretion of urine
antithryiods treat hypertension
Corticosteriods replace hormone loss
Growth Hormone Replacements increase sketal growth in teh children
Insulin Lower glood glucose
NPH Nuetral Protamine Hagedorn
PRL Prolactin
RAI radioactive Iodine
Created by: mundyc10