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Passive and Active transport, photosythesis, repiration, etc.

the process by which a cell captures energy from the sun is called...? photosynthesis
... is an organism that cannot make its own food. a heterotroph
what is the first step of photosynthesis? capturing the sun's energy.
what are pigments? colored chemical compounds that absorb light.
What is chlorophyll? it is the main pigment in chloroplasts.
what is step 2 in photosynthesis? step two is to use light energy to make food for the cell.
what are the stomata? tiny openings on the undersides of the leaf from which carbon dioxide enters the plant.
what is the photosynthesis equation? 6CO2 + 6H2O →C6H12O6+602
in the photosynthesis equation what does the arrow mean? yields, or sunlight.
what are the raw products of photosynthesis? water and carbon dioxide
what are the products of photosynthesis? sugar and oxygen
what is an element? an element is a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances
a________ is two or more elements chemically combined. compound
most chemical reactions could not take place without what substance? water
what is an organic compound? one that contains carbon
_________ means that some substances can pass through the membrane, while others cannot. selectively permeable
what is the main method by which small molecules can move across the cell membrane? diffusion
___________ is the diffusion of water. osmosis
there are two types of active transport, what are they? transport proteins and engulfing
what is the process of obtaining energy from cells? respiration
what happens during the first stage of respiration, and where? the molecules of glucose are broken down into smaller molecules int he cytoplasm
what happens during the second stage of respiration, and where? the molecules are broken down further in the mitochondria, using oxygen, which provides a lot of energy.
what is the respiration equation? C6H12O6+602→6CO2 + 6H2O, the reverse of the photosynthesis equation
________ provides energy to the cells without using oxygen? fermentation
what is it called when microorganisms like yeast break down sugars, and alcohol is one of the products? alcoholic fermentation
what happens in your body when you are not able to take in enough oxygen for your cells to continue respiration? lactic acid fermentation, of which one of the products is lactic acid.
Created by: tigergurl101