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20120419 - latin

Henle Latin year 1, lesson 15 and 16 vocab

Colloco 1st conj, transitive, place/station
Maneo Maneo, manēre, mansi, mansurus, 2nd conj, intransitive, remain
compleo compleo, complēre, complēvi, completus, 2nd conj, transitive, w/abl, fill(with)
cedo cedo, cedere, cessi, cessurus, 3 conj, intransitive, give away/yield
atque (ac) conj, and
incito 1 conj, transitive, incite/arouse
adjuvio adjuvuare, adjuvi, adjutus, 1st conj, transitive, help/aid
servo 1st conj, transitive, guard/keep
perterbo 1st conj, transitive, confuse/disturb
incendo incendo, incendere, incendi, incensus, 3rd conj, transitive, set fire to/burn
tum adv, then/at that time
puer pueri, 2nd declension, masculine, boy
ager agri, 2nd declension, masculine, field
vir viri, 2nd declension, masculine, man
Italia Italiae, 1st declension, feminine, Italy
fortuna fortunae, 1st declension, feminine, fortune
ita adv, so/thus
trans prep w/ acc, across
miser misera, miserum, 2-1-2 adjective, wretched
liber libera, liberum, 2-1-2 adjective, free
integer integra, integrum, 2-1-2 adjective, fresh/uninjured/whole
proelium proelii, second declension, neuter, battle
civitas civitatis, 3rd declension, feminine(SOX), state
Meus a, um, first person, singular, my/mine
noster nostra, nostrum, first person, plural, our/ours
tuus a, um, second person, singular, your/yours
vester vestra, vestrum, second person, plural, your/yours
2nd declension masculine endings us, i, o, um, o i, orum, is, os, is
2nd declension neuter endings um, i, o, um, o a, orum, is, a, is
1st declension endings a, ae, ae, am, ae ae, arum, is, as, is
Created by: Winceline