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Medical Terminology

Part 3

Gestation Length of time from conception to birth
Orifice Mouth
gynec/o woman
hyster/o uterus
salping/o tube
arche beginning
cyesis pregnacy
gravida pregnant women
para to bear
tocia child brith
version turning
Atresia absence of closure of normal body openeing
chriocarcinoma malignant neoplasm of uterus or at the sit eof ectopic pregancy
contrceptive Diaphragm prevents conception, thin rubber ring
Corpus Lutuem ovarian Scar Tissue
Dyspareunia occurance of pain during sexual interocurse
Endocervictis imflammation of muscu lingin in the cervix
fibroids benigh uterine tumors
hormonal contraception use of hormones
menarche beginning of menstrual function
Oligomenorrhea menstrual flow
pyosalpins pus in fallopean tubes
retroversion entire organ being turned
sterility female cant become pregnant
vaginismus painful spasms of vaginal muscles
abruptio placentae premature seperation
Breech Presentation Feet present first instead of head
dystocia difficult labor
Eclampsia most serious toxemia during pregnancy
Gravida Pregnant Women
Parturition process of giving birth
pelvimetry measurement of pelvic dimensions
placenta previa placenta ruptures prematuraly
puerperium 42 days after birth
amniocentesis remove amniotic fluid
Chorionic Villus Sampling sampling placenta tissues for genetic defects
Papanicolaou (Pap) Test test for abnormal cells within the walls of cervix
hysterosalpingography radiograph of uterus and uterine tubes
Cerclage surtuing the cervix to prevent it from dilating prematurely
Colpocleisis surgical closure of the vaginal canal
Cordocentesis Sampling fetal blood
Cryosurgery freezing tissue to destroy cells
Dilation and surettage widening cervial canal
Episiotomy incision of hte perineum
hysterectomy excision fo the uterus
Intrauterine Device prevent implantation of a fertilized egg
lumpectomy excision of a small breast tumor
Tubal Ligation tie tubes so you cant get pregnant
Antifungals treat yeast infection
estrogen treat menopause
oral contraceptives prevent ovulation
oxytocics induce labor
Prostaglandins terminate pregnacy
AI Artifical insemination
CA Cancer
DUB Dysfunctional unterine bleeding
G Gravide
GC gonococcus
GYN Gynecology
HSG hysteroselpingography
IUD intrauterine device
CPD cephalopelvic disprportion
CS Cesarean
LSO Left Salpingo Oophorectomy
Pap Papanicolaou
TAH total abdominal hysterectomy
VD Venereal Disease
FECG Fetal Electrocardiogram
OB obstetrics
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